Friday, May 1, 2015

Loose Ends

Before moving on to April activities  (yes, it is the first of May) I still need to finish all the randoms of March... for journalism sake of course. I've written about our big things like staying in Big Bear with the family for a surprise birthday party, the cruise, events leading up to Easter, but I have so many photos of the little things that happened during the month too. And I would hate for those simple moments to be lost in time. Writing about them and taking photos is the only sure way to remember this time in our life. Which by the way is passing far too quickly if you ask me.

It's was pretty great in March weatherly speaking. So, we played outside with bubbles and chalk and bikes.Watching kids blow bubbles truly has to be one of the cutest things ever!

 Haircuts. I ask you, is there anything better than a good haircut? I think not. It makes you feel like a new person. I was so tired of my dark hair and was so happy for the change. I am so glad my friend moved down by me, right when my sister in law (who used to do my hair) moved away. She's really talented and I am so happy with my new do.
My sweet little Jovie (who still has pretty wispy hair) was in need of a haircut to save her from the mullet she's been rocking. I think it turned out pretty cute.

As a member of the Relief Society presidency (in our church this is the organization designed for the women) we are in charge of the monthly(ish) activities. Our 100 dresses activity turned out so so cute. Plus these were the best cupcakes.
When I don't make it to the "real" gym, I am pleased to be able to work out at our association gym. This was my nice view from the elliptical one morning. The pool, lake, and in the background snowy mountains. It was one of those days I was so happy to be where I am in life and all felt good and right. I felt so blessed to be surrounded by beauty and to have so much!

Plus we went back later that week to enjoy the pool. A little too cold for my liking, but laying in the sun wasn't so bad.
And yes, true to girl form, my kids are the queens of selfies. I could post many, many, many more.

This is life in general with these 2. Peyton does something weird, and Jovie has no other option than to follow suit. We call them Pete and Repeat.

Oh snap, and how did I forget?! We started potty training in March! Happy to report it is going pretty good. Sure, we have the occasional accident, but overall she is doing quite well. In honesty, it really starts off that Wes and I do really well enforcing a potty break every 45 minutes, but more recently she has actually started telling us when she needs to go. It's awesome!

Family night frozen yogurt. Mom may love this more than the kids. 

I totally lagged on getting Easter dresses this year, but since both girls have a lot of cute "Springy" dresses we took a picture in what we had and were wearing and I think they look absolutely and perfect for pre-Easter Sunday. I forgot prior to church it would be the week to wear our Easter clothes.

I started subbing again. My face is supposed to show annoyance and exhaustion from the endeavor. I did however make myself laugh as I crawled under the teacher's desk to combine my prep period and lunch for a George Castanza nap down there. I set my alarm, had a good snooze, popped my head around the desk to make sure no one was watching and crawled right on out again in time for 5th period.

And I had to capture this sweet moment between sisters which lasted a good 2 minutes.

At a park play date on St. Patrick's Day. Met up with my old friends from the Perris ward and we had a great time talking and playing and catching up. Oh and enjoying the BEST sugar cookies, which is why I have to go to the gym in the first place. I have no self control. I told myself before we got there I wouldn't eat any sweets. I had 5 cookies. 5.

And what kind of month would it be without our Disney days?! I am so sad summer is coming up and we won't be able to go. I guarantee a lot of days there coming up while we still can.

And finally, these 2 have a new favorite playing spot. The garage. Throw on a cha-cha dress, set up some chairs and umbrellas, and they are good to go.

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Sarah said...

It is the little things that give life so much meaning! Love all your little things especially the chacha dress in the garage :). Pete & Repeat have the best personalities!