Monday, May 25, 2015


At one point in our past I wrote about our everyday routine seen HERE. I was looking over that little post and thinking of how different life is now and thought how I really need to write down our routine today. It's different and changes daily but for the most part I can say how most days go.

Wake-up between 8-9 (most days). Sometimes if Peyton wakes up first I will send her back to her room with my phone. Most days they wake up together so we go downstairs, I get them their milk, and we watch cartoons for longer than I'd like to admit. They also have breakfast at this point too. Oh and have I mentioned that Wes and I take turns waking up with the kids so the other one gets to sleep in. Awesome right?!

At 9:30 I usually go work out for about a hour. While I am gone the girls play, color, etc with Wes.

Come home at about 11 am and Wes locks himself away and works while the girls and I get ready for the day. On Tuesdays we go to the library for story time. On Wednesdays Peyton goes to preschool from 9-11. Somedays this would be the time we head to Disneyland or other activities, but that happens only a few times a month.

Once we are ready we will do our errands, play, or take a walk. I try to have at least one place to go a day for my sanity. Whether a walk or at least to get my daily soda.

Lunch at about 1. We listen to classical or Disney music and if the weather is nice we will eat outside in the back yard. Even this time inevitably turns into them playing while I try to get them back to eat. Which is why it takes 40 min to eat grapes, a sandwich, fruit snacks and an otter pop. If I ask them what they want to eat, it is ALWAYS long noodles (spaghetti). Always. We have that literally 5 times a week minimum.

Naps at about 1:30/2. Jovie LOVES her naps. Peyton is hit and miss with them. Sometimes she naps. Most of the time she colors and reads or dresses up her stuffed animals in hats and underwear. Occasionally (if she hasn't had too much screen time in the morning) I will let her play educational games on the computer. Our favorites are Starfall and PBS kids. I too nap, because like Jovie I love them!!! Almost without fail I get a small nap in. I also play on my phone--- games I am too embarrassed to admit to.
Peyton "napping" one day.

Wake up around 3:30/4. I usually clean while the kids play. Life has truly changed since those 2 have learned to play together, it's awesome.

After this, I usually re-get the kids ready because they have without doubt stripped down to undies during quiet/nap time. Again we do any other errands or fun activities that need to be done. Sometimes we will head to the lake to fish or play at the park. Lately we've been going on bike rides around the neighborhood.

6-7: Come home, kids play while I get dinner ready. Eat.

7:30- Bath, books, jammies, family scripture and prayer and our family cheer... prepare for bed. If Peyton has napped I will let her watch a show before bed. Have I mentioned how addicted to TV that girl is? It is so easy to let her watch, so I have to be diligent about cutting back. Some days I am better than others if I am to be honest.

Wes and I take turns putting different girls to bed every night. Jovie just wants stories but is happy to go to bed after a book or 2. Peyton likes books, she wants to chat, she has songs she wants to be sung to her. She wants us to talk to her animals before bed. It takes a much longer time, but (most nights) I am happy to talk to her.

After the kids are in bed Wes and I watch our shows. We lay in bed and play on our phones and watch TV. It is very glamorous. But, we are pretty good about not watching our own shows during the day (besides a playoff basketball game now), so I feel entitled to do what I want at night, and that is not cleaning. Nights go way too quickly... even going to bed at 12:30 most nights. Then we go to sleep and the day starts all over again.

And that is that.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

April Little Things

My oh my April is done. I literally cried this month thinking of how my life is changing and my children are growing. Have I mentioned before what a challenge change is for me? I am so happy in this moment of our life. They are at the sweetest stages and oh, how I wish I could freeze time right now. I love their little chubby cheeks, I love their voices, and mispronunciation of words like unraser (eraser for Miss Peyton came to mind from today). I love their hugs, their sitting on my lap. I apologize that so many of my posts are of my children, but at the same time I am not sorry. I love that my life revolves around them. I love being a mama.

So here is my little things post from the month... which comes down to a post about my little ones.

My baby is growing up... and she is so cute and funny. But mostly just a darling little doll.
And better yet is this funny app. I downloaded which requires a photo of you and then inputs you in as a Disney character.
 Peyton saved up her allowance from doing her chores to buy.... crap from the 99 cent store. Easter crap to be exact. She was so happy about it though, I couldn't say no. I wanted to, but I didn't.
  Having a good time playing Jenga together.
 And because of that awesome Disney app. I get gems like this on my phone all. the. time!
 April also held a new first for us. Jovie's first dental visit. Peyton (who loves the dentist) went first and was a great example for Jovie to watch to know what to expect.
 So, when it was Jovie's turn she hopped right up and was so excited to get to it. She did awesome!
 And of course, we had to stop and look at the goats on our way home from the dentist.
Cute photo of these two from an outdoor wedding reception we went to of an old friend of mine. 
 We just LOVE our new ward and have made some awesome new friends. I feel so blessed to have such a wonderful group of girls and even better friends for my kids. My friend texted this to me one Sunday as she walked by our kid's class. This is how they were waiting for their teacher.
 And I can't get over the friendship these 2 share. Jovie always climbs up and sits on Peyton's lap. And the sweet sister Peyton is, she always holds her and adjusts as needed so that Jovie can stay with her. It makes me so proud of them and the wonderful relationship they are building.
 A fun day at Disneyland. Peyton picked out the girl's outfits for the day. I say she is just the spitting image of Princess Tiana.
 Jovie (who is much more spunky and outgoing than Peyton) ran right out and joined in with the dancing group in California Adventure.
 And... can't believe I am about to say this, buuuuuut......... Wes and I joined in on our first game of Dungeons and Dragons. We. Are. Awesome!
 Oh yes we did.
And I had to get photo evidence of Peyton's official staring contest face.
I think I have mentioned before what wonderful friends we have. And how awesome it is that we all happen to have known each other since we were kids. So getting together is the best!
 And you suckers that make forts... check out what we had in our front room simply for Peyton to sleep in for about a week. It became a lego fort of sorts.
 Photo evidence of the "Busters" in our life.
Fun times at the library. This same week both girls got up and did a little game. Even Jovie-girl got up and spoke in front of everyone.
 Cute cousins playing at Nana and Boppie's house. They spend a lot of time on that tractor. So cute.
 And finally, our Aleman birthday dinner at Benihana. 5 of us in that picture were celebrating birthdays. Apparently the big boys were really happy to see each other again.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Viva Las Vegas

My mom had a work conference in Vegas and a room at the Bellagio last month all to herself. My dad couldn't join her, so Wes and I thought we should... I mean we didn't want her to be too lonely you know.

It was a fast turn around trip, but we had a great time and are so happy we went out. I've never been a huge fan of Vegas, but this time we really enjoyed our time. It was so different going during the week and spending most of our time outside during the day.

We had so much fun spending most of our time poolside. I'll tell you what else, kids are a real novelty at the Bellagio. We got a lot of attention, and had a lot of people starting conversations with us reminiscing on their own kids.

Another favorite was the dancing fountains outside, which was super convenient being that they were just a small walk through the doors, and the girls absolutely loved it!

We were also happy to simply walk outside and across the street to have a delicious dinner on the patio overlooking the street that night with my mama.

Other fun things we did during our fun full day there was M&M World, Hershey's Chocolate World, our walk to McDonalds for breakfast, walking through the MGM Grand to take in the pre-fight decor, and simply enjoying the fun of being in a hotel.

 Thanks Mom! You're the best... we had a great time!!!

Friday, May 15, 2015

You Know You're Old When.....

You can't run without hurting yourself anymore. As in you go from this...
(That's me in the long white shirt and black uniform on what had to be the coldest night ever)

to this....
(doesn't even do it justice--- the bruising, the puffiness, the pain!)

Your text messages with friends goes something like this...
"I  breathed wrong yesterday and am having muscle spasms all day now."
"I strained my neck trying to pull off a clothes tag with my hands today."
"I strained my neck stretching my arms above my head."
-Texts between Weston B. and friends which made us laugh and cry all at the same time.

Seriously, it is true. 30 years old and your body just starts giving out on you. What is that?!