Thursday, April 2, 2015

William's Big Surprise

My little nephew William really wanted a camping, Spiderman and surprise party. Sarah and Danny being the clever parents they are made it happen. Did you know the church rents out their camp grounds? Well, they do! So Sarah booked a few cabins, invited family and a few friends and we surprised William up at the campsite for his big 5th Spiderman party. We ate, played games and the kids had a blast running wild.

Peyton and Jovie were in heaven. Peyton's favorite part was sleeping on the top bunk. My favorite part was trying to get Jovie to sleep in the cabin with us. She was too funny. Any noise from anyone resulted in an "are you okay mama?" She sang nonsensical lullabies to us. Peyton was very "mom-like" reminding Hayley to be okay so "her sissy could sleep." It was all very funny.

Boy am I glad to have such a fun-loving family!

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