Saturday, April 11, 2015

The Cruise

If you haven't cruised you are missing out. All you can eat food. Lots of lounging, napping, movie watching, sitting in the spa, ridiculous picture taking, and if you are smart (like us) you enjoy lots of board games and shuffle board too. Plus fun random "impractical jokers" times. Embarrassment for the sake of making friends laugh is a good time. Yes, this leg of the journey was all about relaxation. And it was wonderful. We were on the boat from Thursday early afternoon until very early Sunday morning. On the boat we saw whales spouting (disappointed not to see any whales jumping), Wes got both hit on and flipped off by a very VERY drunk young lady whom we will call "Bing-Bong". Ryan and Taryn won the newly wed game. And both Wes and Ryan participated in the ping pong tournament and basketball shooting competition. I lost a very competitive game of scattergories which did not go off well. However nothing could overshadow the fact that I could have all the soda and fancy virgin drinks I wanted. Life couldn't be much better than sitting in a lounge being serenaded by a pianist, whilst playing Ticket to Ride and enjoying a Miami Vice with the best of friends I say.
Here we are antsy to start our vacation!
On the deck just before leaving beautiful L.A.
And our loooooong hallway. Can you tell we were pretty excited?!
We introduced Ryan and Taryn to shuffleboard and then they kicked our butts at it every. single. game. 
 The photographer was neither thrilled not amused at our pose. And did not hide her disdain either. She said as we were posed, "You guys are going to pay $25 for that?!" I should have said heck no, but it's definitely worth sneaking a phone photo of. We were so rebellious and snuck pictures of the pictures, which is a no-no.
Our door all decorated for my birthday.
We happened upon a paper airplane flying contest. So you know the saying, when life gives you paper make an airplane. Wed did. And it went almost straight down. How embarrassing.
Enjoying a snack one day overlooking the ocean.
Enjoying cheesecake bites one day. I should have gotten a picture of the pizza we ate daily in one of the side restaurants... it was delish.
Birthday meal and dessert.
Wes and his competition in the ping pong tournament. This guy beat him.
Just another dinner.
In which we ate snails.
And afterward got our Miami Vice on.
And laughed at Ryan and Taryn playing the newlywed game. I am so happy they were chosen.
Yes... the whole weekend was truly a blast!!!
But it was only the beginning!

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