Wednesday, April 8, 2015

The Big 3-0

I still can't believe that I am 30. I am 30, I'm a mom to two little girls. I am 30, I'm a mom to two little girls, and I drive a mini-van! It's official, I am old. Okay... I kinda kid. I don't really care about the number, but I am still baffled at how this happened. I feel young. Maybe just immature. But, how did I get to this point?! I swear I was just graduating high school and worried about an 8 am anthropology class at Jr. College. Now the youth think of me as "a mom". What?! The last 10 years have just flown by.

But, honestly, where I am at in life is exactly where I want to be. I love being a mom. I love my mini-van. I love my handsome hubby of 9 years. This is the life I wanted for me at 30. I got to this point a little differently than I had imagined, but I am here. So, although I walked with a limp all day due to a hurt ankle (soccer game), and I feel the changes in my body, and I have a few wrinkles.... life is GOOD!!! No, life is GREAT!!!

Bring it 30!!!

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