Monday, April 6, 2015


Let's just say I have a really fun side job which allows Wes and I opportunities to do things like golf at the expense of someone else. Beside the fact that we love our family it is also nice to have babysitters for days like this. Let's be honest it wouldn't be as easy to do if I had to pay for a babysitter for 6 hours. Plus I have crazy anxiety leaving my babies with anyone other than family. 

The course we played was Journey at Pechanga Casino. I am a beginner and have played few courses, but it was beautiful and a perfect day. Wes said the course was in tip-top condition and was very impressed with it as we played. We were paired with the funniest two old men, Ron and Jim, and I loved them to say the least. They were hilarious and generous with their compliments.

So on the real this day was simply da bomb! 

 I had Wes take this so I could sneak a photo with my besties.

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