Thursday, April 9, 2015

For My Birthday.................

Wes surprised me with a cruise to Canada. Which is the best since I've never been there before and I LOVE going to new places. Good job baby. I guess it was kind of both of our birthday presents since his is coming up soon and we celebrated both of our birthdays on said cruise. But it was really for me since I made it known (very very known) that I was expecting something big since it was my big 3-0. I didn't want to be involved in any of the planning, I simply wanted to be surprised and go somewhere new. He double delivered, nay triple delivered, since it was a cruise (my favorite kind of vacay), to a new "exotic" place (Vancouver), and then to a new big city (Seattle). Triple threat. Plus we went with some of my all time favorite people, so it was truly a perfect trip!

However, getting there was..... not a walk in the park. I had passport issues, which was insufferable. I gained a greater understanding of the song "Guv'ment" from the Tony award winner Big River (one of my favorite shows); because truth be told, I may have uttered "damn government" under my breath more than once during the whole ordeal. I hate the passport department and their incompetent workers. Why, why after 7 weeks would you call the Friday (6 days) before the day I wrote I was leaving, telling me I had a problem with my application?! Why?!?!?!?! So day after day I spent on the phone, crying desperate to get help from somebody, anybody! I ended up in San Diego on Wednesday (the day before) trying to get my passport in my hand. It was good for me, honestly. I needed a day to feel independent and capable again. I realized I had become too reliant on Wes in my life to take care of me. To drive me around the big city and park the big mini van, which may still terrify me. I hate parking that thing. But 6.5 hours meandering around downtown San Diego alone was really quite fun. I found food trucks. Watched people explore the ports. It made me feel independent and self-sufficient again. And I liked it.

Anywho, I left San Diego with passport in hand. And went home to prepare for our cruise the next day!!!

We got the call their was an issue on our sushi date night. It was the worse. Can't you tell by Wes' face. It was actually pretty good and despite the call we had a good time. I didn't start freaking out until the next day.
Got to San Diego Wed. at 9:30 am. By 11:30 it was just me waiting until 3 when I could pick up my passport. So I found this surf and turf food truck burrito... which was as good as it looked. And if you are unsure, it was good. I sat on a bench and watched people get off the train. Yup, creepy.
 Then I roamed the train station. I think train stations are awesome. They are one of my favorite places to sit and watch people.
 6.5 hours later.... got it!
 And then I got lucky and sat in traffic on the way home.
But the most important thing is... I got it!

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