Monday, April 20, 2015

Finally: Seattle (part 1)

I think I was most excited for this part of our vacation because I've been wanting to go to Seattle for so long.

One of the most fun parts of this vacation like I mentioned before was being there with friends. So the 2.5 hour road trip from Vancouver to Seattle was not a nuisance but part of the adventure. We took a few detours on our route so as to get in as much scenic beauty as possible. A drive down the coast was in order and was stupendous. As was the long round about way which took us through a funny little town where they grew tulips and daffodils in HUGE fields! It was breathtakingly beautiful. Plus unlike the Carlsbad flowers you didn't have to pay $15 to see them. Ryan saved us some time on the trip going across the border using the Nexus line, which didn't make us popular with the other drivers. To be fair, they should really label their lanes better.

Some scenic photos for your viewing pleasure.

We made it to Seattle around 8ish (I think), checked into our hotel (which was such a cool place right across from Pike's Market) and walked to a highly yelp-rated (again hipstery) restaurant for dinner. Our walk home took us through a cloud/mist of weed, which I then decided in that quantity is worse smelling than almost anything else. It was outside of a concert venue and seriously it reminded me of what hell must be like. Please let's not make weed legal in California because if I ever have to walk through a cloud of that smell again, I may die. No really, it was that bad!

We ended the night at one of my favorite places... Kerry Park. Not really a park as much as a grassy knoll, which gives you the best view of the city! We also lucked out with the weather for the most part. Chilly, but good enough, with just misty mist, no rain.

We had 1 full day to spend in Seattle (Monday) and a short list of things we really wanted to do. So we woke up early and got to it. Let's be honest, most of what was on our list were places to eat, and we so tackled that list.

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