Thursday, April 23, 2015

Final Leg: Seattle

 After the fun morning of eating, snacking and walking around Pike's Market, we headed down towards the older part of the city to do an underground city tour. Yes, it is exactly what it sounds like, a tour of old Seattle. The city that existed before the big fire and rebuilding the city above where it is now. Haven't heard of this? I hadn't either until Danny and Sarah did this last year too, and told us how much they liked it. So we looked into it and it sounded fascinating, so we decided to do the tour. For more info go here. It was very interesting to learn the history of the city, and walk below the sidewalks on narrow wooden pathways, past the facades of the old historical buildings that once existed and were used.

 After the tour we went uptown to take the monorail to the Space Needle. The view from the top was awesome. Cold, and awesome! We played some I-Spy at the top and enjoyed the view for a while. We couldn't go to Seattle without going to the Space Needle, right?!

We did a lot of walking on this trip, and the boys were a little too enthused to use these umbrellas as a cane like tool. I think we had more than 1 conversation about them, which just goes to show what a understated happiness they became to them. Laughable to say the least. I had to snap this photo on our walk to our hotel to remember the vacation with the umbrellas. They were also walking in-sync with them... just to add to the comedy of walking behind them to Taryn and I.
We rushed to get to the airport from this point. But, what I really think happened was Ryan wanted revenge on Taryn for forgetting Catan so he pretended we had to be at the airport then so that she couldn't get the dessert she really wanted. Because we got there plenty early and could have definitely made the pit stop we had talked about making. Jokes on you Taryn! Next time if you want ice cream, don't forget the game.

With the time we had as we waited for our plane, we busted out Ticket to Ride on an airport table and spent the rest of our time playing and reminiscing on the wonderful time we had just had. It was a sad day knowing our vacation was coming to an end.
 The vacation ended as we dropped the McCooks off at home and headed to Wes' parents to pick up our girls. Ryan left his phone in our car so the next morning I met Taryn off the freeway to drop it off. It just so happened that we, and our girls were dressed the same. So naturally we had to take a photo.

The cruise, Canada and Seattle were ALL awesome! What a wonderful time we had. Makes me soooo excited for the next trip! We better start planning.

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