Monday, April 27, 2015

Easter x3

I try really hard to do fun things with our girls and family. However, I also am, hmmmm, how should I word "cheap" so it doesn't sound so bad? Frugal? Let's go with frugal. I don't like to break the bank on things they more than likely won't remember and aren't really necessities. So, whenever I hear of a potentially fun and even better free event, I try to take advantage. For years we have gone to the city of Perris' Easter activity. I have a picture of Peyton every year with the same Easter bunny, it's free and has always been a very fun day. This year we planned to go back since it's not far from where we are now, but I also discovered our little association does something for the members too. So, we went to that as well. My kids love to be outside, LOVE candy, and enjoy activities, so both of these events hit the nail on the head.

Our association party had a lunch, Easter egg hunt (which we got there too late to participate in), picture with the Easter bunny, and a raffle so large almost every family won. We had fun and it was close enough to walk to, which is always a plus.

The Perris activity gets larger and larger every year. I was a little (understatement) bugged at the families who think the picture with the Easter bunny was a paid family affair. People were literally taking 10 minutes to get 20 people in, looking and apparently the perfect photo. Come on guys, this is a get in, snap a picture, and laugh over the results kind of thing. One mom was running in- fixing hair, running back in- adjusting clothes, demanding every kid to look, smile, and be perfect. I wanted to scream. While I was loosing my mind in line, Wes took the kids to touch the bunnies through the fence (rather than wait in that ridiculous line), participate in the egg hunt, as well as play the other games they had out. They all had a good ole' time and joined me in line minutes before it was our turn. Jovie was not thrilled with this Easter bunny because he didn't give her a sucker upon meeting. She refused to smile and told me for weeks afterward, "I no smile for the Easter Bunny"--- little stinker. After the photo she got her candy and then high-fived him as she walked away, thus the stink face in all the photos. Past years bunny photos here.

We dyed our Easter eggs the Friday before Easter. The girls loved it! Jovie loved it so much she dyed just about every finger on her hand, refusing to use the nifty utensils I had provided.

On actual Easter Sunday we stayed home all comfy cozy. Did our own little egg hunt after waking up. The kids played with their new sand toys and pretended to be at the beach as we watched conference. I vote conference and Easter line up every year it was such a wonderful way to keep the Savior as the focus of the holiday.

After conference and naps we headed over to the Aleman Sr. household for the rest of the afternoon and evening. We did the traditional money egg hunt and our family did pretty well. The girls just this week spent their money on some toys at Target. We are implementing the idea that for any new toys they need to spend their own money for now on. So this was great practice. We of course ate good food and had fun with cousins. It was a wonderful day.

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