Wednesday, April 15, 2015

2nd Leg: Time in Canadia, eh

After the wonderment that was the cruise, we hit our first city/country stop. Vancouver. As in Canada. We weren't there long, but we did enjoy the beauty of that city. It was truly picturesque and we were so lucky to be there the week the cherry blossoms were in bloom all over! We got there and first went to church. We enjoyed driving around and seeing a lot of the city on our way to the building. After church we found Chinatown, which we basically drove through, and showed old ladies doing ti-che (I am 99% sure I spelled that wrong) in the square how we (Taryn and Ryan) could count to ten in Chinese.... apparently very wrong too. Then we found a yummy breakfast spot at a very "hipstery" joint. But, it was gooooood. Oh, and did I  mention we may also be Canadian movie stars now. Look for our cameo on the show "Dead People." They were filming on the street we were standing on while trying to figure out where to eat. The people filming came up to us and said (obviously trying to hint at us to beat it) that "Unless we wanted to be in a show, we should probably not be there." What kind of way is that to convince someone to move? The passive Canadian way apparently. Yes, I'll be a star on your new TV show. So no, we didn't leave right away.

We got out of the cruise terminal and were so excited to see this beautiful city. It was very welcoming and exciting. Until the boys left Taryn and I (and all our luggage) in order to get the rental car and then Taryn and I became the belle of the ball to all the nearby homeless men. One in particular was very chatty. He wanted us to guess his age and when we kindly declined, he offered to guess ours.  I am apparently 31, and Taryn 27. I have a lot of wisdom in my eyes according to him. I think what he saw was "avoidance" or maybe the desire to run as fast and far away from him as possible. Luckily no one asked for money. Just wanted to chat, eh.

In Chinatown we walked through the Japanese gardens. It was random, and probably a little over-hyped, but it was also very pretty for a funny little garden in the middle of the city.

This was taken right after Ryan and Taryn freaked out the little old Chinese lady trying to impress her with their knowledge of the Chinese numbering system. But maybe she was more freaked out at our dead on impression of this dragon.

We were both discovered and discovered good food in the "Gastown" district in Vancouver. It was a neat little area, and I am glad we found it.

After breakfast we went to Stanley Park, which I think is best explained as the Central Park of Canada. Okay, I don't know if that's true but it was a neat, large, Ocean view park. There was a little lighthouse there, totem poles, and acres of lush land with walking and biking trails. Because it was pretty chilly and rainy, we drove the park rather than biking it as originally planned. But, we stopped, got out and walked a few areas and really enjoyed it. Like I said, Vancouver was a beautiful, well kept city and all of us really enjoyed it.

Wes is good at getting panoramic photos of places we visit. Here we are at Stanley park.
Like I said, I was loving these cherry blossom trees everywhere. I want them all over my front yard.
 And the totem area.
 Ryan loved all the nature and was very verbal about it to. We all loved exploring though and there was a lot to see.
 This photo is one of my favorites... on our way out of the city we drove past this random square with statues. It's purpose was the remind us all to be happy, find joy, and laughter in life. (You may need to zoom to see it better.) It worked!!!

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