Tuesday, March 31, 2015


For Christmas my sweet mother in law got me my first sewing machine. I was pumped. In my head I had grand visions of becoming a world class seamstress. A dream in which I sew boutique style outfits for my doll babies and they look like pinterest or etsy inspired children. Then I did my first project and those dreams vanished. Quickly. However, I finished not one, but two different yet basically the same, projects. Finished being the key word. They aren't pretty if you look too closely, but just don't look too closely and they are just fine. And I did have my doll babies model their new scarves and I think they are cuter than anything I've seen online. So without further ado.... my hand-sewn scarves. Maybe I'll make an apron or something next... dream big April, dream big.

My little loves modeling their new scarves. Which they got to wear once this year before it got to be 80 degrees every day.

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