Monday, March 2, 2015

Preschool Update

I have loved preschool this year... or should I say Joy-school. There are 7 kids in our little group and we hold preschool once a week and each mom teaches two weeks in a row. I just finished my second teaching time so I am done now for the rest of the time. Kindergarten starts in mid-August and I am just full of dread. I would just love to have her home with me at least one more year, but my reasons are so selfish. I know she will absolutely LOVE kindergarten and will thrive and excel in that atmosphere. But, she is so great to have home and I am going to miss her tons! And tons and tons and tons!!!

Anyway back to my original thoughts... preschool. I love holding it at our home and we had so much fun. Peyton loves to show off with me and I enjoy watching her... though she tends to be a little bossy here and I wonder if she is like that everywhere else too? Jovie even joined in and participated with the big kids. She does really well following directions and their lead. I am so grateful for the experience to be part of Peyton's learning experience before she leaves me.

We have free time, learning time which includes songs, crafts, stories, activities, then snacks and more playing. 

Peyton is learning so much and even starting to read a little bit. I am so impressed with the little person she is growing into.

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