Thursday, March 5, 2015

Countdown to V-Day!!!

In anticipation of Valentines Day we did a lot of preparation activities to get us ready and to an extent celebrate.

A few days before Valentines Day we painted our nails pink with sparkly hearts. They LOVE getting their nails painted. I also thought a funny thing to look at is the amount of polar pops in most of my photos. It could make for a fun i-spy game going back through old posts.
 We invested in some cute stretchy pants that acted as both real pants and pajamas during the few week time span. Peyton lately has been wanting to do photo shoots with every outfit. She poses herself... as you can plainly see.
Then we had our playgroup/preschool Valentines Day party. My girls were roasting this day as it was super warm. But they had fun snacking, crafting and riding their bikes around with their friends.

 Peyton with her friends from preschool: (to her left) Gracy, Rion and Evie
 After they exchanged Valentines with their friends.
 Peyton and her other preschool friend Isley (and their little sisters Jayce and Jovie)
 Gracy and Peyton
 We are a little anti going out on actual Valentines Day due to crowds... especially when V-Day lands on a Saturday. So since the weather had been so warm we decided to do a little celebration at the beach and go out to Cafe Rio a few days before hand. It was the most spectacular day, weather and otherwise.
On actual Valentines Day the girls woke up to their mailboxes full of candy, a balloon and flowers from their daddy. I too woke up to beautiful tulips. The girls and I then made daddy special cards and breakfast in bed. I got him lotto tickets since he makes me the luckiest girl in the world. :) Apparently, he is not so lucky.... he lost. ;)
 We went out for my favorite gift.... yes, again a polar pop.
 And that night we stayed home for a candle lit dinner with the girls. Heart shaped ravioli, asparagus, garlic bread and a tasty root beer float. Wes and I put the girls in bed and attempted to get dessert from BJs to go. But, after an hour on the hold trying to simply place an order we gave up and had ice cream. :)
 This little family of mine is easy to love and I am truly lucky to be blessed with so much!!!

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