Tuesday, March 31, 2015


For Christmas my sweet mother in law got me my first sewing machine. I was pumped. In my head I had grand visions of becoming a world class seamstress. A dream in which I sew boutique style outfits for my doll babies and they look like pinterest or etsy inspired children. Then I did my first project and those dreams vanished. Quickly. However, I finished not one, but two different yet basically the same, projects. Finished being the key word. They aren't pretty if you look too closely, but just don't look too closely and they are just fine. And I did have my doll babies model their new scarves and I think they are cuter than anything I've seen online. So without further ado.... my hand-sewn scarves. Maybe I'll make an apron or something next... dream big April, dream big.

My little loves modeling their new scarves. Which they got to wear once this year before it got to be 80 degrees every day.

That's What She Said

I haven't done one of these for a while, so most of these are pretty outdated, but still funny and still worth writing down... for me at least. I know I say this every time I write one of these kinds of posts, but I am so sad I don't write more things down. My kids (from a mother's perspective) are soooo funny and cute. I am so sad I forget so much of what happens. I was just recently watching old videos of Peyton and I forgot what a sweet little voice she had. I have forgotten so much of life when she was a baby. I am such a sap too and it makes me truly sorrowful. I love my kids so much. They are my pride and joy. I want to remember so much because this is the best time! Jovie is at the golden age in my opinion. Everything she does is gold. She talks so funny and cute. Her mannerisms genuinely make me laugh all the time. Her age is my favorite right now. I wish I could have a running video of her.

-This was a while ago but one of my favorites. Peyton came in after being put to bed one night in an attempt to stay awake. She asked for a drink. I said no. She then asked for a snack, but before I could answer she said, "I am going to make this really easy for you to say yes.... a string cheese!" Both Wes and I started laughing. I honestly can't remember if I said yes or no after that.

- While Peyton was in dance class (this was in preparation for her Christmas performance) she tried so hard and her teachers were really sweet. However, Peyt really struggled with a certain move. As I asked her about dance on the way home she was so sad to report that her teacher said doing that move that she "looked like she had octopus arms." I couldn't help but laugh because it was the perfect description. I tried in vain to help Peyton learn that move, we ended up just trying our best and it was pretty cute to see those octopus arms on stage.

-In the car one day Peyton said, "Mom I just wanted to say I love you." She said this with the cutest possible head tilt and smile. I swooned for a moment and thought to myself, I must be doing something right. Not one moment more she follows it up with, "I love my sissy more, but I love you."

-Jovie who is quite the chanter of things, and quite the snacker was chanting in the car, "Snacks! Snacks! Snacks! Snacks! Yea!!!" I said to her, "You sure love snacks don't you Jovie girl?" Her response, "Yeah! And food!"

-Most of the time my youngest loves nap time. Really she loves her paci, but that is associated with nap time so she loves both. One day she was beyond exhausted and fighting her nap. I could hear her as she was laying in her crib crying and saying, "I wanna go ni-night! I tired!"

-And every morning as I walk into her room (her door pops open and makes a slight "pop" noise) she says, "You scared me!" Then follows it up with "I sleep good".

-More recently, like within the last week she wakes up every morning and over the monitor we hear her read to herself and sing "I've got everything that I neee-eed" from the Muppet movie to herself. I would be lying if I said that song now doesn't bring tears to my eyes when I hear it.

-We are still trying to teach our girls how to pray saying new things every time and to think about their day and things they are thankful for. Peyton when she prays at meals always includes and "we thank thee that //insert the food we are eating// doesn't have legs and run away. Looks like we still have some work to do with that girl.

-Peyton one day was rubbing Wes' arm. We thought she was just being sweet until she said she was just feeling his fur.

-Peyton and Jovie one day playing. Peyton ran ahead and blocked Jovie's path. Peyton to Jovie: "Say the magic word." Jovie: "Magic word." It worked.

-One of my favorite things Jovie does is inflict fake (and occasionally real) owies on herself and then run as fast as she can to wherever I am in the house for a kiss. Then she runs right back to play cuz' it's "all better".

-Jovie laying on Wes in bed. Out of nowhere she said "I love ya! You're the best!"

-Recently we were dog sitting for Wes' brother Shaun. Peyton is a dog lover to say the least, and they were quite inseparable... until he escaped while we were at church. But that stressful story is beside the point for this post. Anyway, as I was getting ready I heard Peyton say to Remi (the dog), "there ya go boy ~ that's the spirit!" Seriously, where does she come up with this stuff?

-As we were leaving on our cruise last week (more on that later) I said to Peyton "I'm going to miss you girls sooooooooo much while we are gone!" Peyton responded with, "I am going to miss my fish."

-On Sunday the ward choir sang. Jovie always yells hi to anyone she knows up there, which was Peyton earlier. This time she saw her nursery teacher up there. It took me a minute to figure out what she was yelling but I finally realized she was yelling, "Hi Sister Primary!"

-And the last one, which is one of my favorites is just a couple of weeks ago. We were at the church parking lot riding bikes. There were tons of Roley Poleys everywhere so the girls began walking the curb collecting them while Wes and I sat on the curb and talked. Peyton came back and said I found a whole family of Roley Poleys. She opened her fist and their were 16 Roley Poleys in her hand!!! I got out my phone to take a photo because her entire palm was black from bugs, but once she opened her fist they started moving and freaked her out and she shook her hand off and they went everywhere. It was all comical!

I am sure all parents say this, but what the heck did we do for entertainment before kids?

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Farewell February

With all the best intentions of doing individual blog posts for many days in February, I am giving up to do yet again one big recap post. So sorry for the overload of pictures, but you know the saying, "a picture is worth a thousand words." So enjoy the many thousand words you are about to receive.

Peyton has working on starting and riding her bike completely on her own. So we've been out a lot this last month. My parents also got Jovie-girl her own balance bike, so we got her a helmet and she's been riding along with us. And when I say riding, I mean slowly walking and asking me to push her.
They love going because this is how we get there.
 And these girls are learning so much everyday. If it wasn't for the fact they are growing so fast I would love it.
I also couldn't resist snapping this photo one Sunday before church... I just think they are adorable!
 We celebrated Baby Emmett's 1st b-day with family... I just think he is pretty adorable too. Like seriously cute.
 This girl.... need I say more?!
 Besides being super cute and mischievous she still has moments of being ultra cuddly... which we adore.
 Wes became a preferred partner with Chase. He is not an employee of Chase, but they use him and refer people to him now, which is an awesome potential opportunity.
 I love these lazy gals. Put on a show and they are toast.
 This was Peyton's Valentines date.
 On our walk home from church it was just Peyton and I. She walked through the plants and collected flowers. She just looked so pretty and the day was such a blessing that I got out my phone to take this photo... right after I took it, she started making literal minion noises. Moment gone.
 And remember that cool hotel we went to while visiting Wes' old mission companion... this funny picture was taken while my kids played under the desk.
 And with the good weather, we've been spending time outside playing.
 and playing.
 and playing. Or maybe joining biker gangs.
 And then of course there have been many Disney days.
 But we have also been having a lot of fun at home.
 And at friend's parties.
 And dancing in the dresses Nana and Boppie got them from their cruise to Mexico.
 One freezing cold evening we took the kids fishing again. We didn't last very long thanks to the weather, but.......
 Wes caught this whopper after only about 5 minutes.

Friday, March 13, 2015

A Comparison

A sister is a forever friend.
And as sweet as that photo comparison is.... this one makes me laugh more.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Catching Up

We had so much fun catching up with old friends this last month.

We met up with our Broberg cousins at Disneyland for a fun day last month. 
And, we met these cute little twin girls too. Peyton loves holding babies.
And we met up with some of our favorites for a night of food and fun. Jovie was happy to sit and be bounced... for a while at least.

And, one of Wes' companions from his mission came to San Diego for a family vacation. We drove out and met them at their hotel one night. We had so much fun! Their kids are hilarious and so cute. And I loved meeting his wife who I feel like I've known for a long time thanks to social media. The hotel wasn't too shabby either.
Another fun day we met our Huefner, and Moore cousins at Disneyland too. The joys of being a pass-holder. We get to have so much fun!!!
And, Heidi and I met up with some old high school friends to get our kids together for a fun play date. DeeDee has the best backyard and the kids had sooooo much fun, and I loved getting to have time with some old friends.
It's so fun catching up with old friends and maintaining friendships!!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Simple Pleasures

One of the best things I can do for my mental health some days is take inventory of the small and simple pleasures I get to enjoy most days. I was thinking this as I was laying on my VERY comfy bed today during nap time. Yes, one simple pleasure is that most days I am lucky enough to nap. It's fabulous. And while I was laying down I was looking out my window at a hummingbird fluttering about. It was so sweet. And that got me thinking about what good weather we've been having lately. And the beautiful flowers I got to pick this morning. I have also been thinking a lot about the gospel and my feelings and thoughts about what I know and I was overcome with a feeling of peace and comfort and that gave me great gratitude to know that I have a strong testimony of Jesus Christ and the gospel. I know that no matter what success I may or may not have outside of the home, my greatest success is raising happy children and being blessed with an eternity together. Nothing in the world is worth that to me. Nothing. I would give everything I own, my life and all that I have to ensure my family for eternity and that knowledge is priceless.  I LOVE being a mom and wife and all that entails. I am grateful for my healthy body that gives me the ability to do so much and have such an enjoyable life. For the first time yesterday I saw a photo of myself and I thought, boy do I look old. But, each year has brought me greater joy and happiness and I am excited for my family to grow and continue to have new experiences with them by my side. Reflecting on the small things that are sometimes strangely easy to overlook is a great help to my happiness. I am happy not because of things, but because of life and the people I am blessed to have in it.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Countdown to V-Day!!!

In anticipation of Valentines Day we did a lot of preparation activities to get us ready and to an extent celebrate.

A few days before Valentines Day we painted our nails pink with sparkly hearts. They LOVE getting their nails painted. I also thought a funny thing to look at is the amount of polar pops in most of my photos. It could make for a fun i-spy game going back through old posts.
 We invested in some cute stretchy pants that acted as both real pants and pajamas during the few week time span. Peyton lately has been wanting to do photo shoots with every outfit. She poses herself... as you can plainly see.
Then we had our playgroup/preschool Valentines Day party. My girls were roasting this day as it was super warm. But they had fun snacking, crafting and riding their bikes around with their friends.

 Peyton with her friends from preschool: (to her left) Gracy, Rion and Evie
 After they exchanged Valentines with their friends.
 Peyton and her other preschool friend Isley (and their little sisters Jayce and Jovie)
 Gracy and Peyton
 We are a little anti going out on actual Valentines Day due to crowds... especially when V-Day lands on a Saturday. So since the weather had been so warm we decided to do a little celebration at the beach and go out to Cafe Rio a few days before hand. It was the most spectacular day, weather and otherwise.
On actual Valentines Day the girls woke up to their mailboxes full of candy, a balloon and flowers from their daddy. I too woke up to beautiful tulips. The girls and I then made daddy special cards and breakfast in bed. I got him lotto tickets since he makes me the luckiest girl in the world. :) Apparently, he is not so lucky.... he lost. ;)
 We went out for my favorite gift.... yes, again a polar pop.
 And that night we stayed home for a candle lit dinner with the girls. Heart shaped ravioli, asparagus, garlic bread and a tasty root beer float. Wes and I put the girls in bed and attempted to get dessert from BJs to go. But, after an hour on the hold trying to simply place an order we gave up and had ice cream. :)
 This little family of mine is easy to love and I am truly lucky to be blessed with so much!!!