Saturday, February 7, 2015

The Epitome of L.A. Outdoors

In January we invited ourselves on a hike with my brother, my mom and an old family friend and his family for a hike to a hidden gem. The hike is on the border of Riverside and Corona and is called Graffiti Falls. It was not a long or a hard hike and the end result was awesome. So glad we found out about this place because we had the best day.

It was new for us all, and we got a little lost finding the trail head. But, it was a pretty day and it was great to be outside. Our little detour was probably the hardest part of our day hiking at least.
 Once we got started it was smooth sailing.
We took a little break for some melon throwing. Small watermelons grew along one part of the trail. So we threw them at a rotting decrepit car.
Jovie enjoyed her leisurely ride.... for the most part.
 And then we saw the large graffiti rock. Most of the time I would be angry at people ruining nature this way, but it was actually really beautiful and neat.
 And next to the rock was a beautiful little waterfall.
Such a fun little hidden adventure. Glad to have days like this with my little adventure girls.

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