Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The Beginning of the End

January is over. Sigh. Another month come and gone; my kids are a month older, I am a month older. But, we had the best time. This has been the greatest year so far!

Of course I have the many random photos from home of my kids, that I just adore. Like this favorite of mine.
 We had to go to the dermatologist for poor Jovie girl's cheeks. Outside they had this fountain. Peyton loves throwing in pennies and making wishes. ALWAYS the same wish: a dog.
 We did many Disneyland days. Peyton is soooo brave and tried Space Mountain and was scared but the second time loved it.
 Hit up the petting area there too. Always a fav.
  Had ice cream for dinner one night.
 At Disneyland for a date on our anniversary I wrote about in a previous post.
 Spent the evening with one of Wes' cousins and an old friend who happen to know each other.
 Loved this picture of the girl's brushing their teeth together like they do every morning.
 Riding the caboose of the monorail.
 And the Ferris wheel before it started rocking and they were both absolutely terrified. I am not excluded from that.
 Impromptu trip to the shoppes in Chino Hills and had to run through the fountain... in January.
 My wall of love preparing for Valentines Day.
 I took on the task of cutting Wes' hair. I did a good job too if I do say so myself.
 Playing at the park on a "rainy day".
 Have I mentioned my sand thoughts. Best and worst. She loves it, but tracks sand EVERYWHERE. I think you can see why.
 Did yet another Disney trip with friends and our big kids so we could do the bigger rides without babies.
 Another funny picture from the month when we were babysitting our friends.
Yes, it was a fun month!!!

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Annette Todd said...

Peyton's "wish face" is so intense and sincere...come on....get that girl and little doggie!