Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The Beginning of the End

January is over. Sigh. Another month come and gone; my kids are a month older, I am a month older. But, we had the best time. This has been the greatest year so far!

Of course I have the many random photos from home of my kids, that I just adore. Like this favorite of mine.
 We had to go to the dermatologist for poor Jovie girl's cheeks. Outside they had this fountain. Peyton loves throwing in pennies and making wishes. ALWAYS the same wish: a dog.
 We did many Disneyland days. Peyton is soooo brave and tried Space Mountain and was scared but the second time loved it.
 Hit up the petting area there too. Always a fav.
  Had ice cream for dinner one night.
 At Disneyland for a date on our anniversary I wrote about in a previous post.
 Spent the evening with one of Wes' cousins and an old friend who happen to know each other.
 Loved this picture of the girl's brushing their teeth together like they do every morning.
 Riding the caboose of the monorail.
 And the Ferris wheel before it started rocking and they were both absolutely terrified. I am not excluded from that.
 Impromptu trip to the shoppes in Chino Hills and had to run through the fountain... in January.
 My wall of love preparing for Valentines Day.
 I took on the task of cutting Wes' hair. I did a good job too if I do say so myself.
 Playing at the park on a "rainy day".
 Have I mentioned my sand thoughts. Best and worst. She loves it, but tracks sand EVERYWHERE. I think you can see why.
 Did yet another Disney trip with friends and our big kids so we could do the bigger rides without babies.
 Another funny picture from the month when we were babysitting our friends.
Yes, it was a fun month!!!

Friday, February 13, 2015


Wes and I do an exchange with another couple in the ward so as to have date night once a month or so. They have 2 kids our kid's ages so it works really well. We had the best time the other night playing pool and eating greasy delicious garlic parmesan fries at the local bowling alley. We are trying to be more creative with our dates, and this was just so much fun. My personal favorite moment of the night was when a guy from another table actually leaned in behind his date and taught her how to "shoot pool". We looked at each other and started cracking up like, is this real life? I think up next will have to be throwing darts, cuz' I have also always wanted to try that. Anything really wonky and low class count me in. Any suggestions?

Wednesday, February 11, 2015


Peyton and I had the best date night together at the end of January. One of our friends invited us out for a girl's night to see the play Cinderella in Redlands. It was so much fun to get all dressed up and have a night on the town with my girl.

We started the night with a photo shoot, which Peyton ran with. Of course Jovie had to get in on the action too.

Then we met up with our friends for dinner at Cafe Rio, and Peyton thought it was the best since I actually let her get lemonade there (she usually gets only water when we eat out... see what a special night it was?). I'm a little bias but I think I had the cutest date in the whole city that night.

And then it was off to the show. It might not have been the most professional play I've ever been to, but it was perfect for my little 4 year old. The theater was small so every seat was good, which is important to consider with a young audience. Peyton loved it and has since fallen in love with all princesses since she "just loves their dresses." And when I asked what part she liked best she said, "any time Cinderella was there." Oh and she was so squirmy the whole time and wanted to sit on my lap.

And to cap the night off we met the actress who played Cinderella and got ice cream on the way home.... which she was too tired to finish. So yeah, it was a good night.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

The Epitome of L.A. Outdoors

In January we invited ourselves on a hike with my brother, my mom and an old family friend and his family for a hike to a hidden gem. The hike is on the border of Riverside and Corona and is called Graffiti Falls. It was not a long or a hard hike and the end result was awesome. So glad we found out about this place because we had the best day.

It was new for us all, and we got a little lost finding the trail head. But, it was a pretty day and it was great to be outside. Our little detour was probably the hardest part of our day hiking at least.
 Once we got started it was smooth sailing.
We took a little break for some melon throwing. Small watermelons grew along one part of the trail. So we threw them at a rotting decrepit car.
Jovie enjoyed her leisurely ride.... for the most part.
 And then we saw the large graffiti rock. Most of the time I would be angry at people ruining nature this way, but it was actually really beautiful and neat.
 And next to the rock was a beautiful little waterfall.
Such a fun little hidden adventure. Glad to have days like this with my little adventure girls.

Thursday, February 5, 2015


Peyton became a CTR in church this year. CTR stands for Choose the Right and she got a little CTR ring to help remind her. She even kept that ring for over 2 weeks, which exceeded my expectations by about 13 days. I love this girl. I love the gospel and what it does and means in our family. I am thankful for good, kind teachers who help me teach my children principals to abide by. Sometime the simple primary lessons are the most important to remember daily. I hope as this girl goes through life she will remember what a gem she is in the eyes of our loving Heavenly Father.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

If He Were a Gamblin' Man

We could have won big money. BIG money Just sayin'.
 Go Patriots.... I guess.