Sunday, January 4, 2015

We met Santa.........

5 times!

I think my kids are going to need therapy after seeing 5 different Santa Claus this year.  To be fair, I only planned the visit once at our annual Bass Pro Shop visit. The other 4 just happened upon us. Peyt likes Santa and was happy to sit with him. Jovie at our first visit was very unsure, then he held out a candy cane and she was his forever. She would see Santa and say, "Santa, he nice." No more convincing necessary. I suppose I should have the "don't take candy from strangers" talk but I think it would be in vain with that girl.

Visit 1: after taking family pictures we walked over to the Festival of Trees in Downtown Riverside where we found Santa. Like I said, he lured my children over with candy then sat and talked to them. He was so friendly and he was a great Santa to start the season off with. My children would not let me open their candy, only Santa could do it.

Visit 2: Live Oak Tree Farm. We decided to visit the tree farm with a lot of Wes' family. Sure we have a fake tree but who doesn't love a tree farm? Again, we walked into the farm and there was Santa sitting all lonely and by himself. So my kids walked right over and said hello. Again after telling him what they wanted and taking a photo they were given a candy cane. Pavlov's theory held true and I think Jovie's mouth waters every time she sees Santa now.

Visit 3: Planned visit to Santa. Includes an hour line, which you don't wait for, but rather get a ticket and then walk around the store until you line up 15 minutes before the given time. We've done this visit since Peyton was a baby and it is a favorite Christmas activity for us.

Visit 4: I showed up to the library for story time one rainy Tuesday to find it slammed. Like can't get into the door slammed. I was annoyed. I walked in to see Santa. Peyton needed a new book on cd for the car so we shimmied past the kids to get a new book or two. My kids saw him and waved. I told Peyton we wouldn't wait in line but get a candy cane and just wave. She was fine with it (I mean we had seen him 3 times already before) but as we started walking out Jovie freaked. She arched her back and screamed "I see Santa" reaching for him. I tried to explain to her we would still get the dang candy but she was not having it. Soooooooo.... we waited in a ten minute line to see Santa yet again.

Visit 5: A controversial Santa visit as many oppose having Santa at the church Christmas party. I for one don't have strong opinions either way. But, he was there and my kids for one were happy. Here they got the largest candy of the season. Just what we needed in our home.... more candy. They ate some that night and then their large candy canes got accidentally thrown in the trash. The Christmas party was a bummer. I was in the kitchen almost the entire time. I did get ten minutes to eat with my family and I snuck out to see them meet Santa but the rest of the 2 hours I was in the kitchen cooking or cleaning.

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