Thursday, January 22, 2015

Snow Drift: Lake Arrowhead

Peyton's hearts desire as of late has been to build a snowman. And to make snow angels. So we made it happen. That little girl (and obviously Jovie) have never touched snow if their lives, and I was feeling like a failure as a mom because of it. Not really, but it did seem like something that needed to be rectified. So... we made the hour long trip to the snow. Come on now, you can't tell me Southern California is not awesome in that you can drive an hour any one way and be at the snow, desert, beach or big major city. One week I would love to do these activities in consecutive days just because I can.

Anyway back to the fabulous snow day we just did. We actually chose to do a place that rents tubes and has built in stairs just for ease of enjoyment although it was more expensive than just finding a random place to do it ourselves. We were not sad we did, we ALL had a blast! The kids loved it and were fearless. Yes, my kids! I know I am still in shock too. Both girls rode their own tubes, and we held onto Jovie's just in case. They did the biggest hills solo, built a snowman in the wilderness. We played for a couple hours and left as it got darker and colder. It was such a warm day we did not need gloves or jackets, which I think helped a ton for our enjoyment. We are California kids for goodness sake.

It was a good fun day.

The place we went is in Arrowhead called Snow Drift.
 Jovie kicked and happy screamed at the bottom of every ride. And Wes knocked over a few people coming down. I blame them for not paying more attention and standing at the bottom of the hill.

 We ended our day with hot chocolate in the car on the ride home. As you can see, maybe not the best idea with a 2 year old. Oh yeah and we picked up In N Out to eat at home, in case you were wondering about the accessories. We looked a little too tore up to eat inside as you can see.

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Annette Todd said...

That picture of Jovie with the cocoa down her front just made my day!