Saturday, January 17, 2015

Remembering 2014

2014 was a good year. Nay, 2014 was a great year. In all of my 29 year old wisdom I have really come to one big conclusion... and it is that The Lord is aware of me and my family and all of us. So many things have happened in my short life, which have sent me into a tizzy or have left me gasping for air and understanding and yet, when I step back and look at these times, trials, and moments in life, they have all led me to greater places, more empathy, and to a life that seems on the right track. Sure, some of the trials given the choice, I would still rather have passed me, yet without them I know without a shadow of a doubt I would be a lesser person. This past year brought major changes to our family, which seemed terribly scary and so unsure at the time, but now looking back I see them as great growth and opportunities being presented. I am eternally grateful for Heavenly Father's wisdom and hand in my life, leading me onward and forward to where I am meant to be.

I love looking back and seeing what has transpired in just 1 short year. Let's look back together shall we?

-Wes and I celebrated our 8th anniversary on beautiful Catalina Island with an overnight stay.
-Peyton and I had the wonderful opportunity of taking a few days to go away with my dad to Arizona for the Gilbert Temple open house.
- Had a pretty crappy Valentines Day (our 9th) with some of the most fabulous people... it just was a bust.
-Gee, we went places a lot at the beginning of the year. Our little family did a small staycation in lovely San Diego, with free zoo passes and a heated hotel pool. Peyton was utterly in Heaven.
-The year of babies brought us 6 new nieces and nephews. The first to grace us with his presence on Feb. 6th was sweet baby Chubby: Emmett Griffith Broberg.
-Jovie Noel, my little late walker, took her first steps on St. Patricks Day at the ripe age of 14.5 months.
-Peyton showed us her skillz by performing in the ward talent show with her cousin Asher and friend Kyler.
-She also learned how to ride a 2-wheeler bike before her 4th b-day. I know impressive!!!
-After a lot of stress, anxiety and concern we left our Perris house and moved to a wonderful home in Moreno Valley. This in particular is one of those incredibly scary decisions that once all was said and done has been nothing but a HUGE blessing to us.
-Next to join the family on April 1st was baby Cookie Dough, or Jane Carole Todd. She came with a head full of hair that has continued to bring happiness everyday... that hair is incredible!
-I celebrated my //gulp// 29th birthday! Last year in my 20s... heaven help me!
-Wes celebrated his 31st b-day, which after 30 just seemed like old news. :)
-We had the best Easter: celebrating with both families on different days this year.
-May 12th, Miss Smiley Jo joined our happy fam. Miss Avery Jo Moore was born and has proved to be the sweetest little baby... thank goodness for Ashleigh's sake.
-And just days after sweet Avery was born we got to meet our first set of twins in the family on May 25th. Easton Leigh and Cody Michael Aleman were born to the happiest of parents.
-June was a fun month as we started off with a camping trip to Zion with a lot of my extended family.
-And can you believe it the day we left to camp (June 6) Brody Kenneth Huefner was born. Finishing off our year of babies. Phew!
-4th of July is quickly becoming one of my all time favorite holidays. Swimming, firework shows, family and food... it just can't be beat. With all the new babies we had to bypass the beach this year, which for me (the only non-babied mom) was quite a bummer.
-Jovie girl turned 18 months, which means one big thing.... NURSERY!!!!
-My baby Peyton who seems like was just born, turned 4, which is just too old if you ask me. We celebrated with the mother of all gifts.... Disneyland passes!!!
-Bringing me to the fun of summer: Beach days, pool days, sporting events, hikes, water parks, slurpees every Friday, Disneyland, ice-cream, fishing, paddle boats, movies, and date nights. I love summer! I love having kids in the summer! I am not looking forward to school starting this year!
-Our summer had a brief pause when Peyton broke her wrist (both bones) on the trampoline at her cousin's house.
-Wes and I had a fun trip to Utah to see my old friend Lindsay Pennington marry Michael Luthy in the Salt Lake Temple. It was a short but very fun trip with our friends the Duncans.
-Peyton (and me) started Joy School this year with some new friends, and have loved it!
-She also got to be part of her first primary program. My heart about melted watching her on the stage.
-The "Todd" women held our 14th annual girl's weekend in Hermosa Beach. Awesome doesn't even describe it.
-Spent a day at the L.A. County Fair! Good food, good fun!
-Gee I guess turning 4 turns you into a doer because Peyton also started her first dance class, and enjoyed it so much more than I thought she would. She killed it at the winter recital.
-We prepped for Fall and Halloween with multiple trips to the pumpkin patch, decorating and getting awesome pumpkin costumes for dogs.
-Spent our Thanksgiving in sunny/hot California with the Todds, playing soccer and of course drinking a Polar Pop with our dinner.
-Peyton cut a good chunk of her own hair off... it was bound to happen I suppose.
-Christmas time came with: 5 visits to Santa, 3 Christmas parties, 1 trip to a tree farm, caroling, the Mission Inn, light viewing with friends, and a lot of love and happiness. It really is a special time of year!!!
-Jovie turned 2!!!! We celebrated her b-day, Christmas and NYE with a fun dinner and show at Medieval times, followed with games and more celebrating!

 One might think there is something other than sparkling cider in those glasses based on the quality of these photos, but it's all I have from our NYE. Kids were sleeping so we along with Heidi and Ned and if you can believe it my mom and dad stayed up, played games, toasted in 2015 and then went home to sleep.

2014 almost makes me sad to look back on. We are gearing up to start a new chapter of life, one that involves school. Uggggh! Is it weird I dread Peyton starting as much if not more than any year I went?! I have so enjoyed our free life, and feel so blessed with what we have had these last 4.5 years. The time we as a family have had together and experiences we have enjoyed will remain a sweet memory and time for me as long as I live.

One if not the biggest blessing of our whole year and life really was Wes finding a job that supports us, he not only likes but LOVES, and gives us the freedom and time together we crave! Real Estate is awesome and I am glad to have found our path in life.

Best of luck and well wishes from us to you in 2015!!!!

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