Thursday, January 8, 2015

Red Carpet Christmas

One of my most looked forward to Christmas activities are parties with our friends. We missed one due to schedules overlapping (sadly); but had a blast at our friend's the Hulls 9th annual Christmas party. They are really good about coming up with fun themes and having excellent games which generate a lot of laughs. This year we were sitting around with the Duncans and McCooks talking about the theme "red carpet Christmas" and had the fabulous idea to go as a group. But, not just any old group but thee group from our childhood. The gang from Saved By the Bell. We knew that any one of those characters would be gold but together it was solid. I don't know how it happened but somehow Wes and I got to be Zack and Kelly. It was my chance to make all of my wildest childhood fantasies come about. And, lucky for us, it was by far the easiest costumes to do. Win-win. We were definitely overshadowed by the rest of our group... especially, Jill, Ryan and Taryn (who stole the show). I don't remember ever laughing so hard as when Ryan and Taryn got out of their car and walked towards us. Oh my gosh, I could just die laughing thinking of it. It may have been funnier to the 6 of us than anyone else, but I don't even care. My friends are awesome!!!!

Our hosts: Holly and Spencer AKA Diego and Dora
Zack and Kelly
 I got my inspiration from "the prom" episode.
 Annnnd, finally.... the whole gang. A.C. Slater, Screech, Zack, Kelly, Jessie and Lisa Turtle.

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