Thursday, January 8, 2015

Pre-Christmas December

I'm gearing up to do my big Christmas post and thought it might be better to get the rest of our December written about in one big post before I get to my busy end of the year.

At the beginning of the month we got in one fabulous festive Disney day. With the Christmas parade, fireworks and snow. Along with some grumpy day goers who got mad at Wes for hustling by them.
our picture courtesy Miss Peyton Jane. 

Our cousins came to visit and we got to spend some quality time with them. Even getting to spend the evening with Wyatt on his 2nd birthday. He is all boy that one. 

And while we had a few scattered storms come through we were lucky to have great weather which  allowed us lots of time outside playing.

 And my kids must really love me because they have been sleeping in. Jovie has been sleeping in the funniest positions, or even under her fitted sheet. I love going in and waking them at night to say good night. They are extra sweet then.

And besides Wyatt, we had 2 more of our big boy cousins birthdays to celebrate. First Ryan's and then Carter's. Both boys are so sweet!!!!
The girls (and Asher) all squished together during the celebration with good ole' Aunt Hayley.
I'm sure she was sharing some sort of wisdom, like how to dance in the rain or something.

I am now officially a huge cry baby... I guess having kids really does do it to you. I never cried and then my two littles came along and don't make me watch commercials or anything now because out come the water works. Or take the kids to carol at a retirement home and watch April not be able to sing 50% of the words due to holding back tears. It's so dumb! What is wrong with me?! But the singing experience was totally worth it and was such a positive experience for my sweet 4 year old who wanted to do it every night after that. My neighbors probably think we are a little nuts, but heck, we kind of are. Soooo......

Peyton learned the art of wrapping presents. She is honestly probably as good as I am now, which isn't saying much. But she did all the cutting and taping. I only helped holding the paper in place. She was stoked every time she was able to wrap a present for someone. 

Christmas Eve-Eve: The boys went shooting. Because let's be honest, isn't that the best way to spread Christmas cheer?!

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