Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Jovie Turns 2!!!!!!!!!

Read it and weep but my baby turned 2 December 31st! Yes, this little party animal turned 2 and I am still in shock. She is so smart! She is quite the talker, entertainer, sweet cuddle bug, who loves to laugh, sing and dance. She is full of spunk and has a stubborn gene I didn't know could exist in my children. But, she is more often obedient, sweet, loves to give kisses and is a good good girl... and a good sleeper, bless her little heart. One of my favorite things is that she loves her Mama. She loves to "hold you" and even when playing and being a stinker with her sister she can't resist coming back and giving me kisses. She is full of personality and I can't imagine my life without her. Everyone loves them some Jovie and once you are with her for any amount of time, it's not hard to see why. She is the happiest love-bug, whose dimpled smile will make any day better!

We did a number of celebrations for this girl's birthday.

Celebration #1: Since Christmas had just passed we decided to do a little Sunday celebration with Wes' family. Sadly some of our cousins were sick and couldn't make it last minute. Bummer! But, we had a fabulous night and Jovie seriously loved the attention of being sung to, and being given presents.
You remember cousin Wyatt who was born 28 days before Jovie right?! Well, let me show you the difference between dainty little girls and ruff and tough little boys.

Celebration #2: Her actual birthday! We turned her b-day into a combo New Years Eve party, Christmas gift and birthday. My parents got most of the younger kids Medieval Times tickets, so a lot of the siblings and parents opted in. It was a BLAST! And after the show we came back and played games.

Celebration #3: Night with the Todd family. This was a very favorite moment of mine. When it came time to be sung to and get cake, which she loves, she honestly shook with happiness. She mouthed the words and had the world's happiest expression on her face. Man, if only the video could truly capture the moment, which is just couldn't do. It was everything I love about that girl.

On her special day every time someone wished her a happy birthday she would tell them happy birthday in return. She would sing to whoever sung to her. And, to this day, she still talks about her birthday and the cake, which she says, "I like cake."

This girl is such a sweet blessing. She is sunshine and happiness personified. I am grateful to be her mother!

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