Thursday, January 1, 2015

Deck the Halls

While I broke all the rules by listening to Christmas music far before Thanksgiving, I did hold out on decorating the house until after our fall festivities. Decorating for Christmas is the BEST! Plus I always like my house a lot more all decorated. How cheesy would I be if I kept my lights on year round? Yea, I thought it might be too much too.

And while my kid's "help" is not much "help" at this point, I do appreciate their enthusiasm if nothing else.

They actually did an okay job decorating the tree. Or I should say Peyton did okay, Jovie did a lot better undecorating the tree and she just keeps on "helping". I assumed this would be the case and have resigned myself to the fact and have moved nicer ornaments higher up.


It's also been fun crafting throughout the season and adding to our decorations. Peyton has literally made about 40 snowflakes to hang on the wall. We made a door snowman named Frost-Bite which is pretty cute and fun to make. Peyton also did the best job setting up my nice nativity with all the figures circled around Christ. I love it! And because that nativity is off playing limits, I made a block set nativity just for them. I also love this set now too. Anything to keep Christ as the center of Christmas is and should be the most important decoration and I hope by playing with those blocks they will become familiar with the nativity story and why we celebrate Christmas. They get so excited whenever they see Baby Jesus and always yell with enthusiasm so I can see too.

However, when I see people like this, I think that maybe I should step up my game a bit.

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