Friday, January 2, 2015

Creche Festival

Our stake (church) does a big creche festival every year called The Prelude to Christmas. A creche is a nativity or scene of Christ's birth. There are literally hundreds of nativity displays, different choir groups perform including many of the schools nearby and their bands. Plus they have the children do live nativity scenes each night and serve refreshments. It's such a neat thing to be part of and was a great way to start off our Christmas celebrations. Peyton was asked to participate in the live nativity Saturday night and was one of many angels. :) In my humble opinion she was the cutest, sweetest most darling angel on stage. My brother and his family came to see her and take in the displays. Afterward we drove them to the insane house nearby to see their crazy light display. It was a wonderful night.

Our pictures are very mediocre, but I think you get the idea.
There were some..... interesting nativities. Sure there were more beautiful ones I didn't get photos of, but these ones really stood out.

And the crazy house. We took quite a few trips here this year. Pretty much any time we were driving at night.

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