Monday, January 5, 2015

Christmas Recital

Peyton had her first dance recital in the middle on December. She did FABULOUS. She remembered the whole dance, although she did watch her teacher most of the time unnecessarily. She has since done the entire dance by herself at home or with cousins perfectly. I am not much of a dancer and never imagined my kids doing dance but she was the cutest little thing I ever did see, and she made my heart swell with pride. I love watching her confidence grow as she does hard things and know she felt pride afterward too. She was very chatty after the dance show. She yelled "good job" to friends as we drove away, and was so excited her Grandparents came to watch her. Overall, it was a wonderful experience for her to have had. Getting frozen yogurt with Grammy afterward was also a highlight of her month.

Wes was recording the dance and his phone ran out of space at the beginning, so I don't have the whole dance recorded. Bummer!
Peyton is the blonde front and center.
In the video she starts in the back and moves forward.


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