Saturday, January 10, 2015

Christmas Morn

One of my favorite parts about Christmas growing up was 'the great morning reveal'. In our family we designed a way for all to be surprised at the same time, have no peeking and a whole lotta fun! It is a tradition we have adopted in our family now too. Christmas Eve we color a big piece of paper, hang it up at night and bust through in the morning. As you can see the magic has not been lost on my children either.

Christmas morning at our home is so sweet. It is simple, loving and wonderful. I try so hard to not go over board, but half way through presents I realize I could do even less and my children would still be so happy. It is so much fun to be a parent on Christmas morning and watch the excitement of your kids and feel joy in the moment. This year was just super duper fabulous!!!
 We took the girls to the dollar store before Christmas to pick gifts for each other. Jovie is still a bit too young to truly comprehend it all and wanted to pick everything and wasn't entirely aware none of it was for her. Peyton however really got excited for Jovie to open her gift she picked for her. She wrapped it herself and we found this cute note on the present too. Sweet sisters.----BTW, the sign before her name is a heart... I think.
 And this is her face opening Jovie's gift. She is seriously the best!
 Her "flashlight". I think Santa was trying to be creative since she has about 5 flashlights from all previous Christmases and birthdays... because she always asks for one. Always.
 And she was so so so so so excited for Daddy to open his gift from us girls too. She was with me when I bought it and kept it such a good secret. Going as far as creating a fake gift she would talk about to throw him off the scent.... a Christmas CD, lol. Daddy may have already known what he was getting but he did a great job playing along.
 This girl was just excited about candy. That's all she wanted and she got quite frantic if I couldn't open it fast enough. Peyton asked specifically for a swirly sucker, so that was what they got.
 The end result of the morning. Those smiles say it all. It was just great!!!
 But even after all their gifts, they ended up playing with the box. //slaps forehead//
 And wanting to watch pictures on the computer. At least she has on her new slippers.


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