Friday, January 9, 2015

Christmas Eve---Frohe Weihnachten

Christmas Eve: The theme for the day was "German". So we wish you a Frohe Weihnachten. I'll tell you dressing for the occasion was not an easy task. Sure there was quite a few stereotypical costumes we could have worn which would have included a small mustache, but we weren't sure how well that would go over. So, we opted to look up things which originated from Germany, and discovered the nutcracker (not ballet) but the actual doll came from Germany. We took some liberties with this info and came as characters from The Nutcracker. Not from Germany, but oh well. We learned so much about Germany, customary foods, etc. I can just feel my Krause blood boiling within my veins. And the food was seriously so good.

And can you believe it, I actually got a picture or two from the evenings festivities? 

Enjoy some of the looks that came about from the German theme.
One of my favorite activities was the stein game. Competitors have to hold a full stein straight in front of them for as long as they can. If water spills--- they are out, if their arm drops below their shoulder--- they are out. But, we changed it a bit. If you know the Todds at all, you know there was no shortage of polar pops at the house that morning. Soooo, we opted to do the Polar Pop game. It was stiff competition especially for the boys. But my babe won. Adam did have better form I do have to say. But he didn't look as good doing it.
 But, it came down to this....
The kids cheated their way through the game.... there was no winner.

The big girls. It really came down to Heidi and Sarah. I lacked motivation and didn't try as hard as I should. Not sad about it really. Look at me being all laid back in a game. Heidi who has killer instinct came out the victor.
 We ate, we played, we relaxed and then we went on a wonderful sunset walk. It was a beautiful night to be alive and outside.
We came home and made magic. And may or may not have done some illegal activities.... don't jump to the worst conclusions.
Our last activity was group dancing, opening gifts including new pajamas, and coloring our Christmas morning paper.

We made it home with one sleeping baby and one little girl who helped us set out Santa's cookies and milk and then went straight to bed.
That night we did our new tradition for Christmas Eve. Wrapping presents while watching a Christmas movie. I even added sparkling cider to the mix to make it an official date for us. By the end of the night we were happy, tired and excited about the morning.
Until Christmas morning......

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