Sunday, January 11, 2015

Christmas Afternoon

After the nicest, most relaxing morning of present opening, breakfast and naps we headed over to the Aleman household for more fun with family. Peyton adores all of her playful cousins, but maybe even more the baby ones. Jovie feels the same. Cousins are the absolute best. I love them all like they are my own, and they keep my kids entertained with sweetness for hours and hours. In case you can't tell, we love being with family, and Christmas was absolutely no exception. It was such a wonderful afternoon. Full of more family, presents, food, games, and fun!!! If only the Texas group was there it would have been perfect!

Jovie opening her present surrounded by cousins.
 And even though her it's fuzzy, her face is..... my favorite!
 Taking a break to pet Remi... he's the nicest little dog.
 Peyton opening her giant present...... she's been so excited to open the big present from Grammy.
 And Matt planned this all on his own. We did the $5 favorites with the siblings.... boys bought for boys, and girls for girls. Apparently Matt came up with this all on his own.
 All the grandkids (minus Texas) with our beloved Grandpa Gubler. He is Jovie's favorite person.
 And I wish I would have gotten more action shots from this game. We took turns throwing darts to win a plethora of funny random prizes (and some really awesome ones) in this fun game.
Thank you Aleman family for the wonderful, wonderful day!!!

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