Monday, January 5, 2015

Bass Pro Shop Santa

We've always gone to see Santa at Bass Pro Shop. It is an experience in and of itself. You play while you wait, Santa is legit and it's free. But dang, it's gotten ridiculously crowded the last few years. It's bad. We went early in the season, on a Monday, at 10:00 AM when it opened and still got an 11 time card. An hour is not a bad wait, but still. We walked around the store, looked at the fish, rode the carousel many, many times. And played a few games until our time came. The kids were wonderful, and we ended our day at Philly's Best for cheese steaks... reminiscent of Wes and my first date.

 In her own words, transcribed by yours truly.
 Finally with the Big Guy. And he really came through.

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Allison Minch said...

That Peyton has the cutest little nose wrinkle when she smiles. It is insanely adorable!