Thursday, January 22, 2015

A New Fun Year

I have to say that so far 2015 has been the bomb! I have decided I will continue to use that phrase until I die, just cuz' it's so awesomely awful and I love it so. But seriously, 2015! I am going to pretend life won't change too much for us this coming year due to school because that will only make me sad and depressed; but rather that life will always be so easy and carefree as it is now. Work has been going well for Wes. The girls are so independent and sweet lately it is incredible. And well, because of the aforementioned I cannot help but be happy. And then I started PMSing this week, so I guess there is that.

One of these days soon I will write a regular day down just so I can remember what exactly life is for us now, so that when I am stuck in the hustle and bustle of taxiing, school, homework, etc. I can remember it better. Because I am sure this life will be a distant memory that I can barely recall. But, that day is not today. Today I will write a little about the fun we've been having now. The big fun, not the everyday ease. Because everyday is not typically big fun for us, although it may seem so the last few busy weeks.

The first of my fun posts begins on Jan. 1st. As it is a new year we try to start it off "right" if you will. A little exercise and fresh air seems to always be the "right" way. So we headed to old trusty for a Mt. Rubidoux hike... Or as my girls insist we all call it, Mt. Rudiboux. You might also notice I have very few "friends" and seem to spend my time with my family a lot. I love my friends, but am so blessed to call both mine and Wes' family some of my all time favorite people to hang out with. We are a fun group in my humble opinion. I will also say this, we do not go unnoticed places. We got many a stare and comment on the amount of kids in our group as we passed people. Apparently that many kids in one group is gawk worthy. 3 full double strollers and many other walkers is pretty impressive.

Peyton is also becoming my adventure girl and it is so cute to watch her explore and take risks. I still need to work on holding my tongue and letting her be, but I guess we are always a work in progress I suppose. She just became one of the big kids and hung with the big boys once the hiking up part was done. Walking is still a struggle for my little lazy.

Jovie is still a big eater and will take any snack offered to her or from another kids hand. And heck, if there is a paci to be had, hers or otherwise, that too is free game. Sorry Emmett. She can also become filthy anywhere we go in about 2 seconds. She LOVES dirt and playing in it. I figure clothes can be washed and have learned to just let her have at it. I always tease my sand box at home is the best and worst thing... best for entertainment, worst because of the amount of sand I am always attempting  to clean. Oh and she also really loves Tate in case you can't tell.

More fun from January coming your way soon.


Annette Todd said...

I don't think that photo with the pacifier in her mouth shows clearly enough how it was clipped to Emmett's jacket. That is still hilarious to me!

Heidi Broberg said...

that was so funny and cute. And I love that pic with will, ash, and petyon... and then how Tate and jovie are becoming little buddies now too. So cute!