Thursday, December 11, 2014


Welp, it's finally time to post about our actual Thanksgiving festivities. Two words: Good Times.

The morning began with some good ole' competitive games. We decided on a soccer game so that everyone could participate... even the really young ones ran around or snacked on a parked blanket. Hayley proved to be holding in a lot of pent up aggression, which came out on the field. One word: hilarious. Or scary. It's a toss-up. I think the final count of children hit in the face was 3. Not all by Hayley. And one Boppie down. And the number of husbands wearing their wife's clothes: 1. Guess which one.

Thanksgiving proved to be the warmest one I can remember in a loooong time, and by the time the game ended half of us had heat stroke or were completely dehydrated so we made it a true Todd holiday and hit up a Circle K for some Polar Pops. We were quite the group in there.... I think we were about 9 adults and 10 kids. And we are not a quiet group. In case you didn't know me or my family, our blood is mostly made up of diet soda.

After cleaning up the cooking started. My parents do the turkey, stuffing and gravy and the rest of us divvy out assignments. I made a yummy spicy cranberry cream cheese dip (thank you Sandie), mashed potatoes. And Wes made a banana cream pie... he's the pro. Dinner was all wonderful. It was seriously a perfect day.


P.S. I am including that recipe, because it is sooooooo sooooooo sooooooo good!!!

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Heidi Broberg said...

If looks could kill, we'd all be dead via

And look at Emmett looking at crazy Uncle Adam...

Concur, great day had by all. I dont think anyone even