Saturday, December 27, 2014

Self Inflicted

It was just like any other day. I woke up, headed to the gym, and came home to a daughter with a mullet! What?!

Well, the story goes like this...
I left for the gym leaving Wes with the girls. We had a large diaper box begging to be made into something fun. So, Peyton went to get scissors so daddy could make something for her. She came down with the hair cutting scissors and Wes informed her "that those scissors are only for cutting hair." He then asked her to put them back, and as she was heading up the stairs he made a bad mistake by saying, "You know you aren't suppose to cut your own hair with those, right?!" We believe he incepted our daughter and planted the idea. Because she was gone quietly for the next 5 minutes and when she came down she had a perfectly straight mullet.

Just as her hair was getting longer, curlier and easier for me to do. Sigh.

I came home and couldn't help but laugh as I looked at her. I laughed as I rebuked her and laughed as I told the story. Not my best parenting moment either I suppose.

What's not so funny is trying to make curly hair with thick bangs look good. What else is not great is the fact that I also discovered a very large portion in the back cut very short as well from that day... underneath at least. A lot more cut then we previously thought, which required a decent hair cut to make the back look a little less sparse. Luckily curly hair is far more forgiving of a mom who is not a hair dresser.

The other problem is when people say to her, "uh oh, you cut your own hair. That's not a very good idea." She always responds with something along the lines of "Yes, but I did such a good job." Which she kind of did.

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