Saturday, December 6, 2014

Big Bear...... Big Fun!

Wes recently got a listing for the cutest little house in Big Bear. He had to go make an initial visit to see the property, take photos, etc. and so we as a family decided to all go up.... I know his job is awesome. The best part is that it was actually cold and "fallish" there... what a beautiful drive, and we all got to wear jackets! While he walked around and did work stuff, the girls and I played in the yard and took a walk. Afterward, we decided to hit up the alpine slides since they are about 5 minutes away. Sadly they closed at 4 and we got there at 4:07. We watched another family go up, my kids were literally bouncing with excitement and the workers watched them as they told us we were too late. Bummer!

But, since Wes had to go up later that week to put a sign on the property, we all went back and were able to actually go on the slides this time. It was so much fun! Both of my kids thought it was the best! They screamed and laughed the entire ride down. We bought 5 tickets (kids were free) so Peyton got to go 3 times and Jovie went 2. We could have gone all day though it was such a blast.

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