Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Tiny Dancer

Peyton started dance at the beginning of October. She LOVES it! It is just a little city class but so far her teacher is awesome and all the girls are so cute and friendly. Most of the time Peyton is so nonchalant about things, but she looks forward to dance and is actually verbal about her positive feelings;  so it's been a refreshing change. (Remember how I said she is just content with whatever she is doing at the time, with other things she has liked it at the time, and once we are done with it, I never hear about it again). I was a little opposed to dance (it's not something I hope she pursues), but am glad I signed her up. She is awesome when it comes to following instructions, and doing the stretching and things. However, she seems to lack natural rhythm and it is pretty funny watching her dance. I just love this little dancer so.
P.S. What do you call a man who dances ballet? My sister and I had this conversation last year, and we decided "ballerino" was the appropriate term. And though I know I am probably wrong, I don't plan on changing it. Just asking more out of curiosity.


Sue Carter said...

he's a ballet dancer. i've never heard of a distinction given to indicate male or female dancer but i've never been a dancer--just a lover of watching other dancers!!

Anonymous said...

Girls are ballerinas, and guys are ballet dancers. I think I like your ballerino better though, haha! I'm so glad Peyton is taking ballet! Ballet is amazing and super rewarding. She looks super cute, just like a little dancer! Good job Peyton!!