Friday, November 28, 2014

The Quest: Part 12 "Food Truck Friday"

Yes, I am still trying to get up to date. And yes, I know I should probably post about Thanksgiving on here first. But I thought a good ole' food post would be an appropriate preface. So with that said I give you:

Challenger: Food Truck: Baby's Badass Burgers (excuse the language) ;)
Reigning Champ: The Habit/Umami

Who doesn't love a food truck. Easy, mobile and usually delicious. This food truck experience was no exception. In fact, I should throw in Wes' food truck delicacy too, because his too was very VERY good. A Korean take on a slider. Yum-Yum. His was from Belly Bombz, and I would recommend finding either of these food trucks at any time. They did NOT disappoint.

From Baby's I got the "She's Smokin'" burger which was a really strange choice for me as I am not typically a BBQ sauce burger kind of gal, but it just sounded so good. Which it really was. I think I should try a more traditional style burger just so I can judge it more appropriately to the other burgers I've gotten from other places in the past. For that reason alone, this is a hard judgement and comparison to make. Also because it is not my expertise I don't know how well I can judge it.

 On taste alone I was sold. It may not be the burger I get next time I see the truck, but I was definitely happy with it. It was a huge piece of meat compared to the slice of jerky I had during my last "quest" experience. But, as always the price drags this one down a notch for me. The burger alone was $10 and then if you want fries, a drink or dipping sides it's all extra. And naturally that comes into play when I say I want to find my favorite burger. Because I judge my food a little bit by the taste to cost.

Consensus: Go, eat and enjoy. It was wonderful food, and a fun experience. However, I still prefer my Habit Burger and Umami to this one. Like I said, I may have to "quest" this place again in the future with a different style burger. It really was good enough to try again.

-Thanks Mama for the work place food truck invite. Besides the good food I so enjoyed my company and the outside eating ambiance. 

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