Saturday, November 15, 2014

The Problem Is It's Becoming a Habit

Remember when we all had a good laugh at the fact my dad bought Jovie a dog shirt back here and she actually wore it?! Well, it happened... again.

Preface. For Halloween this year I decided to let Peyton wear what she wanted since I didn't have any good ideas for our family and frankly I didn't care to either. Well, that little girl literally changed her mind weekly. One week it was a scary pumpkin, one week it was Captain America, then for a brief time like every other girl it was Elsa. For goodness sake she even went through a stage she wanted to be Humpty-Dumpty. For this reason I was in no hurry to buy a costume, or even look for that matter. Finally as Halloween approached we were down to either a scary pumpkin or Captain America. I told her we were going to get the things for her costume after naps that day and she had to make up her mind. After naps she was excited to report Captain America won out and that was her final choice. So... we headed to Target to get the costume.

At Target. My kids really enjoyed spooky decorations this year. Every night we walked the block to visit the neighbor's spooky house. And at the store we had to play around the spooky items. At Target we were enjoying the phone that called randomly, the skulls that popped up etc. It was while I was showing Jovie some of these items that Peyton came sprinting down an aisle to report she had found thee costume she absolutely without a shadow of a doubt wanted for sure. So, I said okay, show me. We walked past the kids costumes towards the dog costume area. No not a dog costume. But, the costume for dogs. It was here she stopped, pulled out a pumpkin costume a dog should wear and informed me it was "the one". I explained these were dog costumes not kid costumes. She told me she frankly didn't care, and I got the impression that that fact only made her like it all the more. So... I bought it. But, worse than that - I bought 2, one for each of my girls.

Perks. They were actually super cute costumes. They were the easiest costumes to put on and wear. They were cheaper than the regular kids costumes. And it made me laugh every time they wore them. So... I say it was a win-win-win.

Looking back. I might have to regularly shop the dog section since we've had such success. Or maybe not.

And apparently, Peyton is the equivalent to a large breed. I would say she best resembles a golden retriever.

And if this smile just doesn't say it all....

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