Thursday, November 13, 2014

Pumpkin Patch Take 2

There is something truly magical about fall. A few nights before Halloween we met up with family at the pumpkin patch again for a wondrous night. The air felt crisp (not cold mind you), we were surrounded by the vibrant orange of Halloween with sparkly lights lighting the night up all around us; and all felt right in the world.
We walked around and took in the good feeling the was abundant. The kids enjoyed the pumpkins, the rides, and I think most of all just being around family. For my kids I know we could be doing nothing at all and as long as they are with family who love them through and through they would be completely happy. This night was no exception. It was a good time.
I must admit I was proud to see Peyton's competitive side as she argued with the boys in line about who was going to be the fastest. She was the youngest, maybe not thee fastest but she did pretty dang good. (I know... I am nuts when it comes to competition)
A new adventure was the strobe light maze, which was fun and tricky. Luckily, Wes, Adam and Ryan took the lead and led us through no problem.
And again we had some fun with the photo op area.
Have I mentioned how lucky I am to have this family of mine?! They are truly my greatest accomplishment and biggest blessing! And I am reminded everyday how remarkable life is with them by my side.

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