Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Pumpkin Patch Take 1

I mentioned in the beginning of September that Peyton started a little co-op preschool that she has really enjoyed. I just finished my 2 weeks of teaching and was so impressed with the kids. They were so good, funny and smart. While I am not too worried about preschool I am very glad to give Peyton the chance to socialize with other kids her age, and more importantly make friends who she will in fact start kindergarten with. Along with Peyton's class there is another younger group we do it with, they obviously meet together and do a not so educationally-based class (their group is for kids 2 1/2-3 years old). One mom arranged a field trip for all of the kids at a local pumpkin patch. It included a hayride, a little educational portion of how a pumpkin grows, petting zoo and letting the kids (and adults) pick out a pumpkin. Both my kids had a blast!

On the hayride the man in charge asked Peyton to say, "Welcome to the pumpkin patch" on the microphone. She was too shy so Jovie did it nice and loud into the microphone. Everyone laughed and clapped and then of course Peyt wanted to do it after. I think it was a good lesson for her. She did not get to do it, and I was able to talk to her about missed opportunities. ---This photo was taken after that incident and this is her shy/awkward smile.

They have a petting zoo and a bird area... here is Jovie and her friend Ruby looking at some of the birds. Jovie loves birds and I literally had to drag her away when our group moved on.
With her class learning about the pumpkin growing cycle.
The petting zoo. Jovie was far more brave than Peyton in feeding the animals too.
Though Peyton did love petting them.
Wes made Peyton try feeding them. The picture below went from Peyton crying and screaming because she did not want to even try feeding them to laughing hysterically once she realized it didn't hurt and she even liked the experience. Is my kid the only one who goes from crying to laughing in the same breath.... or vice-versa.
Still laughing and shocked she enjoyed it. We are those mean parents who make our kids try things they think they won't like... when we are pretty sure they will.
And once she did it once, she was all smiles and good on her own.
Then it was free for all time around the pumpkin patch. 
They loved the stage and climbing the hay castle.

Peyton and her cute classmates and friends. Her group has the red stars, the younger class has the blue stars and all the rest are younger siblings who get to tag along when mom teaches.
Peyton honestly prefers Jovie as her friend to most anyone else, which I love and it is a real blessing to me... and to both of them too.
Wes walked around with the girls as I visited with some of my friends. He showed me this picture, which I thought was just a cute one of my girls. Then he told me to zoom in.
I started cracking up. Everything about it was comedy to me. Jovie's pose and willingness to let Peyton do whatever she wanted to her, which is a theme around these parts. And then there is Peyton's guilty face.
And finally we couldn't pass up some of the fun face cutout things.
It was just such a fun day we knew we needed to go back when everything else was open at night.

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