Friday, November 7, 2014

Etiwanda Falls Hike

I've lived my whole life in about a 30 mile radius of where I am now... I know exciting right?! So hearing about new things does not happen frequently. I definitely have not been everywhere, but I've at least heard of most places in and around the area. I would like to go everywhere (literally.. I am not exaggerating), but it is just too hard right now with 2 young kids in tow and trying to be financially responsible (which sucks by the way--- dang being an adult). However, it wasn't until about 2 years ago that I even heard of a nice little 4 mile round trip hike called Etiwanda Falls. Even more shocking is that it is literally around the corner from some of our good friends. So, when the chance arose to hike it together, we had to say yes. And though there was a bit of complaining and whining (mostly from my 2 kids), I am so happy we did it. It really wasn't a bad hike at all, and it had such a fun ending. I am glad we did it with Macy though, because I can almost guarantee Peyton would not have made it there without her. Being outside, moving and enjoying nature sure is therapeutic for the mind and soul. If you know of any good hikes, or places to visit, please please PLEASE email me or comment below. I am always looking for new experiences!!!

By the end we had our flashlights out and our kids close... did not want to lose them to any mountain lions.

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