Sunday, November 23, 2014

End of October

It's killing me to be so far behind on this blog. I am not at all OCD.... except for this. Just this. So, in yet another effort to be somewhat caught up, at least on the month we are currently in, I am doing one big recap post of the rest of October.

I've realized these monthly recap posts more accurately depict everyday life for the Aleman Clan. The other posts showcase the fun events, but these ones are more realistic of our everyday life.

We are home a lot. We take a lot of photos... which both girls LOVE. Some kids not so much. Mine beg for photos or stand still saying cheese if they think I am going to. I also think these photos show how much love there is in our house. I am so blessed that we live in a very happy home.
 And again blessed that even in October it was warm enough to eat outside. Only wearing a Smokey the Bear hat.
 And I told you my girls love one another. And seriously they do.
 These silly photos are of our Walmart, which has this arcade area. Which is kind of the worst because my kids just have to play there before we leave. And by play I mean run around sitting on things with no money being spent. They still think it is awesome. I don't even think I will ever let them actually play because that would set a bad precedent for future visits.
 We also made it back to the park after a long hot summer hiatus. I feel bad because it was truly months since we've were there. And sadly we've yet to make it back since then. Isn't Peyton 'super' cute?!
 And don't tell anyone, but they also watch way too much TV. Especially in the mornings when mommy and daddy are hatching.
 And this funny picture is after a Dr. apt in front of the Italian restaurant next door. Peyton is such a crack up. She always has been. Jovie is apparently following suit. Actually of course she looks like she is looking for food. That sounds about right with her.
 And another fun night we went with Grammy and Papa to the Shoppes in Chino Hills for the train (which was closed). But we did play by (not in) the fountains and got fancy snow cones. It was a very fun night.
 And we dog sat for Hayley and Adam. Peyton was in heaven sleeping with Oscar every night. I am embarrassed to show the state of her room. But, like I said a taste of realism in this here post. I should show the mountains of laundry that needs to be done right now to top this post off.
 And this folks is why her room is a disaster. Dress up without the clean up after.
 Oh, and I was also able to steal a few photos from my brother of my dad's b-day party. Here are the kids "bobbing for donuts".
 Jovie found a more effective approach.
And that folks is that.

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