Saturday, November 1, 2014

Before I Begin

It's November and I've yet to post anything from October. Whoopsy daisy and shame. But before I begin at the beginning as Maria tells us to do, I am going to throw a few days together in one post. In October we have quite a few family birthdays. Fred, my dad, nieces, and this year we also celebrated a few lingering September birthdays too.

One of the said lingering September birthdays happened to be Patrick's. For this event we all met at the bowling alley by their house and afterward went back to their place for b-day pie and ice cream; Which in my humble (and right) opinion is sooooo much better than cake. Added bonus, Ashleigh and Andy were down for the weekend so I got to snuggle baby Avery... which was quite necessary. There is never a shortage of babies in the Aleman family as of late and I love it that way.

My kids... and I am guessing all the kids, had a BLAST when they made the lanes cosmic. Meaning they turned down the lights and the music up and we all jammed to "the chicken dance!"
 Apparently, Jovie still wants to be a baby and was quite entertained most of the night hanging in one of the many open baby seats.

The next day we celebrated good ole' young Fred. And if chocolate isn't involved, it would def. not be his birthday. His parties consist of golf paraphernalia and chocolate. Easy as that.Oh and there was a slip in slide in the back. My children attempted and failed in doing this fun activity. They get their wussy cautious gene from me.
Peyton did find success and a love for her cousin Avery, when that baby just laughed and laughed at her.

My dad later in the month had a birthday where we kids came together and made dinner. We also had a donut bobbing competition (you know, donuts hanging on string and eaten off with no hands), and a very high keyed rendition of "Happy birthday". However, I failed at taking even a single photo.

All of these=a very good time.

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