Saturday, November 29, 2014

An Afternoon Stroll

I love our little walks. I love more the funny things my kids say during these strolls. I know I am so bias, but they are the cutest, funniest people I know. Plus, it is so nice to be within walking distance of church. I look forward to our walks there and back and the time we have together to discuss and reflect on our day. Watching them take in the world is such a gift.

Jovie was sick one day so we had to leave church early. So as the two of us walked home, I loved watching her stop and smell the flowers, and get excited over the airplanes flying over head. That might be her favorite thing to show me. It's the simple things of life and being a mother that bring the most rewarding feelings.
 And our neighbors have a jungle home--- full of plants, flowers, and lots of animal statues all around. These 2 love the coyotes, and turtles; which are a must on our walks.
Sometimes I take a video of these 2 when we are out because it is one of the few times they don't perform when they see my camera out. It is so fun to see them naturally. Yee-haw!

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