Thursday, October 30, 2014

The Quest: Part 11

Challenger: Steak 'n Shake (Las Vegas)
Reigning Champ: The Habit/Umami

I am going way back to August when Wes and I road-tripped to Utah with Jill and Paul Duncan. On our way through Vegas I remembered not just one but at least 2 friends suggest a place called "Steak 'n Shake". So I called up one of these friends to get some details on where to find this place they loved so much and what to get there. After hearing their burgers were made of actual steak and they were pretty well known for their milkshakes, I was pretty excited.

 Strike1: Walking through South Point Hotel to get into the restaurant. Their is little else to me more unappetizing than the smell of stale cigarettes. It totally didn't help that one of my favorite places ever, Capriottis, was literally down the street from here. Not in a stinky hotel either. 

Strike 2: We nicknamed the burgers, beef jerky burgers, because the patty's were literally smashed down so much they were no thicker than a piece of jerky. Great, you have steak burgers. However they were so thin not a single one of us felt like we could even taste any meat on our burgers.

Strike 3: For being well know for their milkshakes not a single one of us even had the desire to finish what we got. Sub par at best I would say. While we are not foodies by any standard, these milkshakes did nothing for my or the rest of my parties pallets. 

Consensus: There was not a single reason to go back to beef jerky burger, I mean Steak 'n Shake, besides maybe the price. It sure was cheap, but you definitely get what you pay for in my humble opinion. Price alone would not bring me back. As it was we left most of our food uneaten on the table or in the toilet, if you get my drift. 

Steak 'n Shake will be placed at the bottom of my must-eat burger list. Thumbs down from Wes too. 

I also sent a text to my friend on the way out and said if we ever go out to eat, I am choosing the restaurant. 

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Daniel Todd said...

I will not be eating at Steak n' Shake. Thanks for the low down on this dive.