Wednesday, October 1, 2014

That's What She Said

I completely forgot about some of the funny things the girls have said/started saying from months and months ago but was recently reminded when I came across a few funny things in a note I wrote on my phone. Like I said, these are super old, but funny none-the-less. A few of these are more recent. And since I am constantly kicking myself for not writing all the funny things down, I am going to do it here now of the few things I can remember.

4th of July: Peyton as we were applying some festive 4th tattoos and discussing the USA. "I love the USA! I really want to go there someday!"

Peyton doing some very common make-believe play. "I am going on a date with my daddy and my honey Jovie."

Jovie went through a phase where every answer she gave to us was... "No way!"

One of Peyton's 4th of July tattoos had a bear on it, we put it on her arm. One day she looked down at it (as though it was a watch) and said "I have a watch, and it says to go to North America." (She really meant compass instead of watch).

Another day of make-believe she was telling everyone what part they would be playing (common occurrence as well). She says, "Daddy is the king, Mama is the queen, I am the knight, and Jovie is Jesus Christ." I had to laugh at her sweet irreverence.

Peyton went through a phase where she was utterly terrified of wolves and coyotes. She had nightmares and to help I tried to show her images and videos on the computer of nice coyotes/wolves. (It sure didn't help that shortly after her nightmare my sisters dog Oscar was bitten by a coyote in the late afternoon and my mom had to rescue him by throwing her book at it). One day after discussing coyotes and how they are not scaring but kind of neat, Peyton asked if and why they were afraid of humans. I told her because we are bigger and stronger. She then said, "When I grow up I'll be 78 right?" I said yes. She then said, "And then I am going to keep on growing bigger, and bigger, and BIGGER, until I am a giant."

Another phrase Jovie says a lot is... "Pick. Pick!" As she points to what she wants. Her little voice saying it is hilarious.

Jovie is kind of in the midst of potty training... by her own accord. She went poop on her toilet just recently (a good amount too). Well, while Wes was cleaning her mini toilet in the bathroom (I was not home) she finished pooping on the brown carpet we have in the front room. Both girls stepped on it, and Wes had a big mess to clean up (poor guy). When I got home they were telling me the story. At the part Peyton stepped on it, I looked at her and made an exaggerated yucky face and said, "Oh man you stepped on it! Yuck!" She then replied evenly exaggerated, I didn't know it was there, it was camouflage!"

Jovie also currently says often, "What's thaaaat?" And "Where is....." followed by a "Right There!"

I love the stage between 15 months to 2 years it is so funny (It might be my favorite)!!! And everyone knows how utterly funny 4 year olds are.

And yes, Jovie did put her toilet bowl on her head like a hat. Wasn't the first or last time she's done it either.

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Sue Carter said...

Very funny post! except for the pooping part, poor Wes. You owe him big time!!!