Saturday, October 4, 2014

Rock Sugar

Mama here gets a little stir crazy every once in a while, which then causes me to go crazy-crazy. I have so much respect for how much patience my man exercises towards me, because at times I am a hard woman to deal with. Just being real here peeps.

Well, 'bout a month ago, I started to loose my so called "cool". I am sure I am not the only mom/wife who gets seriously sick of the mundane cycle of life routine. Can I get an amen?! So in one these moments, I demanded my husband take me on a good date that was not just dinner and a movie... our typical date. Don't get me wrong that is in no way a bad date to me, but I needed something to refresh me and break the monotonous cycle that was life. If you can't tell I am being a bit melodramatic, please know now that I realize I am. However, I tend to get a little melodramatic at times in real life too, so it is not all that exaggerated here what Wes was really dealing with then. Most of the time I am pretty normal..... I think.

At this specific time life was busy and I kind of forgot about my demand. However, a few weeks later Wes told me (Monday) that the next day I was not to make plans because he was taking me out. He did not give me the deets until that day, and I was super pumped for whatever it was. Seriously at that point I didn't care. Just happy I had a reason to shower and not wear yoga pants.

He knows I have been dying to go to the LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art) so he had his mom watch our children, took me there and to a really nice dinner at a fancy restaurant off Santa Monica Blvd called Rock Sugar. We went with some friends a few years ago and have been craving their banana/creme brulee cake ever since. I know, I've got your mouth watering right now with that description, am I right?! Word to the wise though... don't get the coconut soup. Yuck! Do get the grapefruit salad. Yum! It was an added perk that afterward we just decided since we were in the area to grab some Sprinkles Cupcakes too. Oh yes we did double up on dessert!

was a dreamy day from start to finish. Now the only problem is I've got the taste in my mouth and I want more and more dates just like this one. This might be a problem! I am thankful that Wes got the hint and did more than deliver on a wonderful day! I am a lucky girl to be married to the man of my dreams. And that he puts up with my whims and fancies, and loves me in spite of it all.

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