Monday, October 6, 2014

Primary Program

Our ward had their Primary Program, which is a church meeting where everyone is together and the children teach and sing from the pulpit. And while the primary program is always my favorite Sunday of the year, this year was extra exciting since it was Peyton's 1st time being involved. I never know what she will do in front of a crowd, but let me just say this.... she was awesome!

She went up to the front, and rather than sitting with all the other kids she stood in front and looked out over the congregation. Wes and I kept trying to motion to her to look behind her and find a seat, but she was oblivious and kept standing there smiling. She finally got mad at Wes and I for motioning to her, and shouted (quietly) "I know"... she didn't. And finally one of the teachers gently led her to her seat.

She sang all the songs, waved to Jovie who continued to yell loudly, "There's Pey-Pey every time the kids stood up to sing. After waving multiple times she just kept smiling at us, and lifting her eyebrows.

She got up, held the microphone with her casted hand, and said her part, "I love the beautiful Earth because....(she made this part up herself) of the different people and different animals."She said her part loud and proud and then smiled and lingered at the microphone for a few seconds. The teacher she sat by told me that when Peyton came and sat down by her she said, "I did really good, right?!"

I know I am biased but I kept thinking what a cute sweet girl she was the entire time she was up there. When I told her how proud of her I was for being brave and doing so well she told me, "I wasn't even scared. I like talking on the microphone. I was just sad I wasn't sitting by you guys." I mean it is a bummer that she couldn't sit by her grandparents the only time they come to our church. Funny sweet girl.

Here she is after the program in her fox dress she picked out and loves. She got her cast off the very next day.

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