Thursday, October 16, 2014

A Day at the County Fair

September is funny to me. It is the end of summer, it is too hot to be fall; so it kind of is just time to kill in order for the good stuff to start. However, its one redeeming grace is the L.A. county fair, which comes during the month. And if there is one thing I love, its the fair! I love the displays, I used to love the rides before I got old and sick on everything that is. I love the big slide. I LOVE the greasy weird food that makes me sick all night. I love all things that end in derby or race. I love the animals and freak shows. So I basically I love it all. I really do!

This year we went as part of a preschool group, that included all of our Todd cousins, and most of my siblings and parents. So, it became a family affair. Which is also something I love. Spending time with my funny family. We enjoyed the high flying pirate adventure, the camping/outdoor area, drumming, and super hero displays. Wes and I didn't go too crazy on the food this year either. A lemonade, and fried pickles is all. We also made a quick stop to see our own quilt on display. Sandie (who made it for us last year) asked if she could enter it. Of course we said yes, and it was a real treat to see it. I have no idea how it didn't win anything. Honestly, it is the COOLEST I-spy quilt.

Yes, September is something to look forward to I suppose. Thank you for that carnie filled fair.

Peyton and a few of her male cousins. 
 Peyton thinks Iron Man is as cool as Asher, which is saying a lot. She really wanted to be Iron Man for Halloween. Which is funny because in reality she has no idea who he is.
 You'll also notice every picture of her Asher is nearby. She has what some might call a slight love affair with this cousin of hers. She thinks she is going to marry him when she's older. I haven't broken the bad news to her yet.
 Jovie too is developing quite a fondness for her Broberg counterpart. These two are so dang cute together and are becoming quite good chums.
 For my family..... the Banana Split Lizard. Yeah baby!
 Cap'n Jack Sparrow... a new love of Peyton's now too.
 Checking off Wilderness requirements to get an awesome Smokey the Bear hat.
 Our I-Spy quilt hanging behind her. Plus Browny the dog thanks to Asher's skills and kindness.
 I had to end with my favorite shot from the day. Happiness on the swings.

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Heidi Broberg said...

SO cute! I love them all. I love our kids love each other so much! That picture of Wes and Peyton is ADORABLE...print it up. FUN DAY!