Wednesday, October 8, 2014

14th Annual "Todd" Girl's Weekend

Holy crap, I can't believe it's been 14 years since we started this awesome tradition of taking time away to be together as girls! It sure has changed over the years. We've added a new Todd girl (Sarah) to the mix, changed our names from Todd to Broberg, Hamilton, Aleman (though I think all of us still feel like Todd girls- it was an awesome name to grow up with). Had babies join us on our adventures. Sometimes had to improvise on years it just couldn't be a weekend away. But regardless it is always fun. I already plan on continuing this tradition with my own girls (and crazy Aunt Hayley who doesn't have any girls...yet) when mine get older.

This year we made a list of all of our past adventures I thought I would include here:
2001 Catalina
2002 San Diego
2003 Ensenada weekend cruise
2004 Prague, Czech Republic
2005 Sea Sprite and Run L.A. 5k
2006 Day at Glen Ivy
2007 Green Valley Lake, Arrowhead---- fire, evacuated
2008 Green Valley Lake- to finish what we couldn't the year before
2009 Palm Springs
2010 Tai Pan shopping and a J. Lo movie
2011 Chipotle, Midnight in Paris movie, frozen yogurt
2012 Palm Springs
2013 L.A.
2014 Sea Sprite

2014: Sea Sprite- Hermosa Beach
Friday: Umami. Cottage patio overlooking the boardwalk and beach. Heidi scared of being raped and insisting we tell everyone our husbands were at the bar. The "All-American" drunkard. Kind stranger text. And being shiny.

Saturday: (Hayley's favorite) waking up early to do Roga (run/yoga) on Santa Monica Pier. Yummy breakfast at 4 Daughters Cafe. Crazy ride in Sarah's car... I should say, crazy passengers freaking out on steep hills in Sarah's van. Laying out on the beach. Thai dinner and shopping. Gelato and more patio sitting. Oh and who could forget reading our letters to ourselves from 2001. Mine wins for being the best for sure!

Sunday: Hanging out and saying good-bye to the crusty Sea Sprite... but heck can't beat the location. Capriotti's for lunch and then back home to our families.

Yes, it was a good weekend with lots of laughs. Thanks Mama for always making this happen. It is a treat I look forward to each year!!!!